(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change]


I noticed that in recent days, on two occasions, connecting Gems of War, there were 5 points (5/5) of honor to give to friends and opponents. On other occasions, I had 2 points (2/5). How do I accumulate the 5 points per day? It’s possible?


Didn’t realize the spoilers had them already it’s been a while since I looked over there


Any chance you didn’t spend them for a while? You get two each day, they save up.


I do not remember staying one day without using it from the beginning, but I will save to test. I had not thought of that possibility. =)


Hello guys. Does anyone know where I can see the requirements for all titles? They have come unlocked for me and I need this information to pass on to a friend who is just getting started.
And what is really necessary for the achievement ‘The Real MVP’?
Just get any MVP status lvl3?
And speaking of MVP status, do they have any purpose beyond that achievement?

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Upon reaching the highest rank, you receive (a one-time only?) three gem keys.

Curtesy of @awryan


No you get that when you get your first “honor level up”. I find don’t know what you get when you reach Revered. I’m Honorable 2 right now.


Thank you. =)


Can someone tell me where I can find all the positive and negative statuses in Gems of War (updated).

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@noob Thank you very much again. I will transcribe to my language in order to help some beginner friends.


Vash’Dagon has been changed from Devour an Ally, then summon a Daemon if the enemy is devoured. Deal [Magic + 6] true scatter damage, boosted by my Life. [3:1] to [0]

I was excited at the idea of an 1:1, but then realize… they would just use 1:1 then.

Anyone know what [0] means?

I guess that’s what there’s a change in the mythic schedule noted in the Gems of Streaming thread.

Note to devs: 3:1 boost ratio bonus for Scatter damage is horrible. Its the same reason Death is so useless. Example 60 health/3 = 20 /4 targets = 5 extra damage to each of the 4 enemies.

Obsidius looks neat, though I wonder if it really needs both “heavy splash damage” and “light splash damage” on the same troop. Unneeded confusion imo. Would also be a great troop if it wasn’t 24 mana. (somewhere between 20-22). Stun all enemies though is quite lovely. The Maraji Queen also gives it a half mana start :stuck_out_tongue:

Mortlach Stoutbeard is another Bael, though I don’t know if moving Zuul’Goth randomly is such a good idea.

Lava Troll exists. (to almost never be used like Ice Troll)

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Only me think the fact of accumulating the potion bonuses in the last Tier of the unfair faction event? Someone who can buy the last Tier 10 times has a scary advantage compared to those who do not have as many gems to spend.
Clearly the event was P2W, where anyone who spends more gems has many advantages in battles. I did not expect to see that happen in Gems.
My opinion, but I am disappointed with this option.


You don’t only get potions. You get sigils. The people at the top of the leaderboard are already spending thousands of gems to buy enough sigils. The potions just make it a little bit easier to convert sigils into points.


Has been happening to a lesser degree in all other events with a gem shop for over a year now.

I’m sure the devs aren’t at all bothered with people spending/buying more gems to gain an advantage as a result.

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Anyway, it’s P2W, because unless someone spends a lot of gems, it’s impossible to compete. So it’s an event that focuses only on who is playing the Leaderboard, I can leave my guild outside, because this way we will never have the opportunity to compete. Frustrated to see that Gems got to the point of having to pay to win.


Leaderboard have always been P2W. Nothing much changed with Potions beside more people participate it in, which is totally their goal.

I never see Leaderboard as a main part of the game, just extra competition. I mean, at least in this Faction, what advantage do they have outside just quicker progress? Everyone will able to catch up in the end anyway, so it’s just spending to speed things up and spend less time later. Nothing wrong with that.

Also, you post in the wrong thread. Potions are no longer consider spoiler.


Yeah I have to agree, leaderboards have always required a lot of gem expenditure. People bicker about if that’s P2W because “oh but I only use free gems” but that still means you need resources to have a chance. (The PvP leaderboard isn’t P2W but requires a sizable time investment or a handy exploit.)

In this case, it doesn’t really matter. If #1 and #2 are buying multiple copies of Tier 7, they’re probably within 3-5 tiers of each other. That is 21-35 added to each stat, but realistically speaking I bet they’re already at +50 or so. Once you reach certain stat levels, +20 isn’t all that big a change.

The only way we’ll see a fair leaderboard with no P2W is if you get sigils you can’t buy extras of and face a GW-like scoring system where you can keep your highest score and players are ranked on that. It’d result in a lot of ties and angst.


Does this even make sense?