The Real MVP: How does MVP work?

There is a new system in the game that selects one of your allied troops with each win to showcase as the team’s MVP.

Here’s the complete explanation of the system from the patch notes:

MVP Screen

  • The final screen in the PVP game flow has been reworked
  • The new screen continues to display the player’s rank and trophies earned (also including the Guild current trophy rank)
  • New to the screen is a Troop highlight, which will name one of the player’s troop the MVP of the match
  • There are multiple MVP categories that can be awarded to troops, allowing utility or support troops who perform well to be highlighted too, not only the damage dealing troops.
  • Player’s will always see a troop from their team here, keeping attention on their team rather than their opponent’s team.
  • The screen also allows players to take screenshot or share the screen, so players can compare their MVPs with friends or guildmates outside the game.
  • This screen is also where players can Honor their opponent for fun defense teams

This system seems very nuanced, so I would like to dedicate a topic to this system, including answering the following questions:

EDIT: I have answered these questions as the solutions become known.

  • What are the available MVP awards? Based on data from the game’s files, I have compiled a complete list:

Archmage I: Cast a spell 4 or more times
Archmage II: Cast a spell 6 or more times
Archmage III: Cast a spell 8 or more times
Armorer I: Added 80 or more Armor to Allies
Armorer II: Added 140 or more Armor to Allies
Armorer III: Added 200 or more Armor to Allies
Assassin I: Dealt lethal damage to 1 or more enemies
Assassin II: Dealt lethal damage to 2 or more enemies
Assassin III: Dealt lethal damage to 4 or more enemies
Bastion: Took the most damage
Boom! I: Exploded 40 or more Gems
Boom! II: Exploded 70 or more Gems
Boom! III: Exploded 100 or more Gems
Changer of Ways I: Transformed 3 or more enemies
Changer of Ways II: Transformed 4 or more enemies
Changer of Ways III: Transformed 5 or more enemies
Charmer I: Cast Charm 3 or more times
Charmer II: Cast Charm 4 or more times
Charmer III: Cast Charm 6 or more times
Creator I: Created 30 or more gems during battle
Creator II: Created 60 or more gems during battle
Creator III: Created 90 or more gems during battle
Destroyer I: Destroyed 25 or more Gems
Destroyer II: Destroyed 80 or more Gems
Destroyer III: Destroyed 150 or more Gems
Ethereal I: Added 20 or more Magic to Allies
Ethereal II: Added 60 or more Magic to Allies
Ethereal III: Added 100 or more Magic to Allies
Healer I: Added 80 or more Life to Allies
Healer II: Added 140 or more Life to Allies
Healer III: Added 200 or more Life to Allies
Hungry I: Devoured 2 or more enemies
Hungry II: Devoured 3 or more enemies
Hungry III: Devoured 4 or more enemies
Inciteful I: Added 40 or more Attack to Allies
Inciteful II: Added 90 or more Attack to Allies
Inciteful III: Added 140 or more Attack to Allies
Lucky I: Survived 1 or more Deathmarks
Lucky II: Survived 2 or more Deathmarks
Lucky III: Survived 3 or more Deathmarks
Murderer I: Killed 4 or more enemies
Murderer II: Killed 5 or more enemies
Murderer III: Killed 6 or more enemies
Skullmaster: Dealt the most skull damage
Spellmaster: Dealt the most spell damage
Summoner I: Summoned 2 or more allies
Summoner II: Summoned 4 or more allies
Summoner III: Summoned 6 or more allies
Survivor I: Finished damaged, with 5 or less Life
Survivor II: Finished damaged, with 3 or less Life
Survivor III: Finished damaged, with 1 or less Life
Transformer I: Transformed 25 or more gems
Transformer II: Transformed 50 or more gems
Transformer III: Transformed 75 or more gems

  • How is the MVP and the award to use chosen? The game checks each condition for each troop. Then, it randomly selects one badge earned, prioritizing a Level III badge if one was earned, and simply choosing a random one otherwise. It displays the badge and the associated troop.
  • Is there any actual impact to the MVP system, or it just for fun/informational purposes? Besides the achievement, this system has no impact.
  • What is MVP reward level, as described in the achievement “The Real MVP – Receive the highest-level MVP award”? This refers to the fact that many of the awards are available in several tiers, I II or III. Receiving a Tier III MVP award (of any type) will provide you this achievement.
  • What is the most reliable and consistent method for players to obtain ‘The Real MVP’? From what I’ve seen, obtaining Boom III by casting an exploder like Azura multiple times in a match will get you the achievement fairly easily. You are also likely to get it through normal PvP matches by chance.

As far as I can tell? The entire thing is arbitrary.

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If it is, what is the achievement for?


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Tag: I would love to know what “Receive the highest-level MVP award” actually means.

@Kafka @Cyrup

What are we looking for in a match?

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I have a question that doesn’t seem to have been answered…

  • So what? :man_shrugging:

Dont think you really need any “special way” to get the achiev, i did few pvp matches to clear tasks (and to unlock pvp emoji) and got it, didnt done anything special on matches and was even using silly teams (had task to use brown troops and broken spire troops).

Could actually try find a x3 dwarven gate team and hf boosting stuff to insane lvl but got the feeling that anyway this MVP thing is just something useless “for show” tbh.

Considering Achievements STILL aren’t out on Xbox One, this is good news that it isn’t some ridiculous requirement.

It really could have meant anything.

To get “The Real MVP” you have to get one of the categories to level 3. In my case, used a barrier, looping team in ranked PVP & had a troop (not hero) cast it’s spell 8 times for Archmage 3.
I don’t know exactly what each one is & what you need to get it to lvl 3, though.
A list or link for that would be greatly appreciated.

In that case, I missed out on two Steam achievements yesterday. Hopefully they’ll trigger correctly today.

For the record, Skeleton Key team is good for getting Destroyer III from Egg Thief.

Here’s what I’ve seen and screenshotted, so far:

Skullmaster - Dealt the most skull damage
Bastion - Took the most damage
Destroyer II - Destroyed 80 or more Gems
Destroyer III - Destroyed 150 or more Gems
Ethereal I - Added 20 or more Magic to Allies
Lucky I - Survived 1 or more Deathmarks

I don’t play much PvP, so won’t be adding to this until Monday, probably. Feel free to add what you’ve seen, yourself. :slight_smile:

I just got the achievement


I used Wrath, Writhing Staff, The Possessed King, Scylla


Hm, I got it via “Boom! III” also.

Not that it matters because this is all arbitrary.

Lol I thought this achievment is for getting the highest honor rank…so no achievment for that

Got it with
Murderer III: Killed 6 or more enemies.
Thanks to someone’s Thief that summoned 3 bandits

Nice one. I’m starting a MVP screenshot thread for uncanny ones like that.


I’m a little worried about the “or less” part :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Another easy way: Cast Ragnagord 2 or 3 times to get Boom III (100 gems exploded, appears to count any gem destroyed by the explosion). If another troop is getting MVP somehow and overriding this, use the hero as your main damage source, since the hero can’t be MVP.

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Thanks for the clarification on the Achievement question guys! I edited the OP so users looking for info will find it easier.

For whatever reason, I have acquired a fascination with this system, that no other person seems to share (mainly because of its complete insignificance). If there were a screen that tracked your lifetime count of each award obtained (like how Call of Duty tracks your medals) I think it would be quite fun and competitive, but as it stands nobody seems to be very happy with it as is.

Ah well. I did some datamining and found the list of all the awards in case you guys wanted to know about it.

EDIT: Finished my datamining. The MVP selection is purely random, only prioritizing a level 3 badge if one exists.