The Real MVP: How does MVP work?


I mean … I coulda told us that. And I did!


Proof that it is random and stupid:


This is something that struck me as odd. What is the point of giving these “Took the most damage” or “Converted X Gems” if there’s no record of them?

If there’s something on each troop that says it got Level 1 and Level 3 it would be worth setting up teams and playing games simply to try to get Level 2 and complete the set which would add a bit of challenge :+1:


I seriously only want this screen. If that was the only feature in 4.3.5 I’d pay $5 for it.

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I think the other easy way to get the Achievement is Archmage III: Cast a spell 8 or more times. Should be easy to build a feed team into a low-mana troop. Or just keep recasting Egg Thief with a Firestorm from Sunspear. :slight_smile: