(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 2)

On a completely different topic, there’s a new troop in spoilers called " 3 Goblins in a Trench Coat" and I am beyond excited for it, even with the art not being there :joy:

Speaking of goblins…

Wonder what this one will do.


THIS. The medal events were a significant improvement over the old guild events, why go backwards?

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So now we have a Zuul’Goth on all 6 colors. Interesting…

I’m guessing Faerie Fire Gems are green, so it can loop itself. Oh my.

There’s 6 other versions of this that are 6 colors, so those are the event versions.

Guess we have a Kingdom called Mydnight coming? a few of these in the back end of spoilers…


I’m guessing its troop ID saying raid probably means it’s a new raid boss in the future weeklong raid events that I saw mentioned earlier in this thread.

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Hopefully the misspellings will be changed until then. Besides Mydnight looking way off (even though it’s intentionally), the Undead Manitcore gives me the creeps. Should be Manticore …


Geryon currently has the wrong troop type, Merfolk instead of Monster. The entries are next to each other, I guess someone slipped up. Let’s see if this gets fixed without a bug report.

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I put small money on no :rofl:

If it doesn’t “break the game” (aka makes it crash or kicks players out) its not a bug according to the devs.
Their definition of a bug is very narrow. Anything can be wrong as long as it doesn’t “break the game.”
So, a bug report will do nothing.


So the more that I think about the upcoming fifth troop for Sunken Fleet, the more I believe that it’s another case of the developers being completely nonsensical (and/or lazy) rather than taking a moment to consider what the pure faction team could really use. Let me count the ways by which the Drowned Captain sucks:

  • For starters, it’s not an Elemental like the rest. At the moment, it’s solely Undead; unlike the rest of the “team”, it cannot benefit from Maraji Queen’s third trait even if you wished to use it.

  • Its’ current spell is “random” in that you can’t really predict what the board is going to resemble when you’re done with it. Nor does it explode enough gems to be much of a Generator, not that “Generator” was anywhere near the top of my list of what this team could use. (More on that in a moment.)

  • Unless you’re planning to use the secondary effect of the spell to kick an enemy to the back immediately prior to casting the Drowned Sailor, I don’t see how it cooperates with the rest of the team.

So what would I have done with that troop? I’m thinking one of three things might really have been useful and synergystic. In no particular order?

  • Some sort of Sunken Golem “defender” (Elemental/Construct) with a similar-ish spell to all the other Golems that are part of delve teams – i.e., Explode a Gem and some sort of secondary effect that’s thematic to the delve, even if it were to be a lame and largely ineffective one. Give it the Stoneskin trait (50% skull damage reduction) so it can tank, and give it the Clobber trait (double skull damage to stunned enemies) as well to play off of the Water Elemental. Given how a key strategy to this delve is to set up the Maraji Queen for timely skull conversions, a bonafide tank would increase survivability if the AI does unto you before you do unto the AI.

  • Some sort of Sunken “support” troop (Elemental/Mystic?), whose spell is simply “Cleanse and Submerge all allies”. Because every one of the existing Sunken Fleet troops inflicts negative status effects, so having a dedicated cleanser helps and Submerge would serve as a mitigating defense against opposition Water Elementals. It wouldn’t help as much against the opposition Maraji Queen, because the Curse effect attached to her spell would dispel everything, but it would aid against everything else.

  • Some sort of “Sniper” type, whose spell reads “Deal [Magic + n] light splash damage to a chosen Enemy, boosted by Enemies who are Stunned or Death Marked” {1:1} Light splash damage because it sounds thematic with the basis of the delve, the boost tied to status effects that the existing troops inflict to give a little bit of extra damage. Although if it were felt that this spell were too powerful, the boost could be removed and/or the spell could be reduced to regular (and not splash) damage.

But instead we get more of this poorly thought-out crap because the people designing things for this game clearly don’t play it very much. Same as how the new Trials teams weren’t well thought-out and therefore have to be changed on a piecemeal basis every week.



This is the worst part. It’s specifically supposed to be an Elemental faction and they left it off. If this doesn’t show their lack of care for the game, I don’t know what to say. What am I supposed to believe? Not a fan of this throw content out first, fix it sometime “next year” mentality.

I’m more ok with the idea of the troop… but instead of knocking them to the back, I wish they would knock the enemy to the front. I would combine that with Maraji Queen to knock out dangerous troops. Instead, I’d have to cast 3 times to do the same desired effect, which is dumb. Casting 3 times also doesn’t work if the room has stealthy troops, since stealthy can’t be moved.

Explode 5 gems is bad… It could work to clean up messy Maraji Queen casts, but its still probably not worth it at that value and just makes it a bad troop out of the faction.

I would have liked a second skull converter like All Seeing Eye. Oh well.


just posting this here…

not finalized, thankfully. But if they do the expected bare minimum, I’m very curious to see if they notice the mismatch spell/3rd trait. Or maybe that’s a new design?


Slughoarder could very easily be an overpowered monster. Boosts 1:1 off his gold, has the Merchant trait, and gets an extra turn when casting?


Wazir (Leonis Empire’s godslayer) has a similar spell, but a 3:1 boost ratio and no secondary effect. And that’s the only close comparison I can find in the GoW troop database.

This needs to be re-visited.


Pair Slughoarder with Willi the Anchor is the Raid/Invasion will be a breeze.

Blah. Purple one has self-enchant, otherwise this whole series of weapons is kinda dead and uninteresting.

Yes, 12 magic to all allies is not insignificant, but Fallen Satyr already exists at 12 mana on 2 colors that can do something similar instead of tying up the hero to do it on 1 color at 18 mana. There’s always the Empress if you wanted to be more efficient to one troop.

For me, its not even a power creep thing. I just dont think pairing Magic and Armor Gain for 18 mana on mono color is an interesting idea. I rather be more effective in one of those and not pay 18 mana. Would be more excited for Magic and Attack or Magic and Life…

Funny thing, shaping up to be the first regular magic true damage to all enemies hero weapon. (Crescendo is half-magic, Thunderbird is 15 true damage to all, a few are true scatter damage)

Looks like a solid addition.


I wish we would get a weapon with a spell like Draakulis or the new mythic (Morthani’s Darkness).

I don’t know if we’ll ever see that…

People already gave Life & Death a lot of stink for half that value.

Not impossible though; I’m ok with Power Creep but some of the dev choices confuse the living stuffing out of me.

Meanwhile some things are bizarrely underpowered and they refuse to do anything about it.

I don’t think people complained about L&D’s life steal as much as it had bless and enchant plus paired with the summon/web of the Orbweaver class. If I recall correctly, they never nerfed the weapon, just the class summon probability.

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ruined the mana cost (in my opinion) from 14 to 18

I forgot about that. Anyway, Draak is one of my favorite mythics. I’d just love to see a similar mechanic in a weapon even at 20 mana cost.

Don’t forget how it drains mana from the front enemy as well. It’s a weapon that literally can do five useful things in one casting.

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