(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Is that before or after the move to unity?

3.0.5 so i guess before

And crafting is supposed to be 3.1 right? any idea on a time line yet?

soon, of course

I really hate that word :slight_smile: it could mean an hour from now or a year both are soon depending on your view point lol.

that is why the answer they will give you will be ‘soon’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Time as a linear concept is entirely a human construction

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My guess is that they will create their corresponding colorstorm after their effect, to mitigate the “single use” they now have.

That’s true, but I really want a troll that shares colors (in cost and effect) with Jotnar for GW.

Looks to me like the next 6 potential guild wars troops are in game files now. 6 unscheduled mono-colored troops from various kingdoms (and a seventh purple from Karakoth, so likely just an event troop since Myzmer is a thing).

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If you’re scanning data, can you check the colors on Yasmine’s Chosen for me?

Still Green/Purple/Yellow, with Green primary (Light/Venom). I think Nim said it was slated to change? Hasn’t yet though

yeah, same as Aurora for the moment. Thanks for checking! I need to learn to do that myself one day.

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Is there any info on the Divinion Fields legendary?

Artema: Legendary, Centaur - Arcane Mountain (Brown/Yellow)

Clear the Way: Explode a row. Deal X damage to the 2 weakest enemies, boosted by Ally Centaurs.

Traits: Leader / Armor Piercing / Dexterous (40% chance to dodge Skull damage.)


Damn looks to be a good complement to the oracle class. Wish I had farmed more glory for bishop packs to finish traiting oracle.


Oh man the art for the Divinion Fields troops is so so beautiful.


Another likely DragonSoul style early game problem there. Never been a fan of the non-scaling damage.

Maybe, not sure. That X is just a placeholder because I’ve been lazy and haven’t really worked out how to determine magic damage, modifiers, and boosts yet in my scripts.