(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

He actually has a total possible damage of 26 to each. That’s counting all magic gains at 5 star kingdoms. With a 12 gem creation that’s kinda decent IMO
Edit:- Thanks for the avatar compliment! I really like dragons and this just seemed too badass to pass up on

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Urskaya data added to 3rd tab on http://tinyurl.com/GoWEvents including arcane requirement summary

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Saving all my keys til May!

That silly dwarf can bugger off.


Yup. Unless April’s mythic gets vastly more interesting between now and release, I’m only spending gold and event keys at Suncrest’s release.


###Next Week (Adana) Troops

These spoiler images are fan-assembled from game files, and UNOFFICIAL

REMINDER: All future troop details are subject to change at any time. (Retrieved 2017-04-03)

[details=Troop details in text here]Sentry Bot
Common / Adana / Mech
Spell: Alarm Alarm (10 Yellow) - Destroy all Gems of a chosen ally’s Mana Color. Give them [Magic/2+1] Armor.
Traits: Mech Bond / Alert / Armored
Requires: Minor Wind, Arcane Summer Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 13; Life - 14; Armor - 30; Magic - 7 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: Don’t be alarmed.
Will arrive in 7 days (2017-04-10).

Clockwork Knight
Ultra-Rare / Adana / Mech Knight
Spell: Gadget (11 Blue/Yellow) - Gain [Magic+5] Armor. Transform a random Gem Color to Yellow.
Traits: Mech Bond / Reinforced / Stoneskin
Requires: Minor Wind, Arcane Blade Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 18; Life - 13; Armor - 26; Magic - 9 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: We can rebuild him. We have the technology.
Will arrive in 7 days (2017-04-10).

Legendary / Adana / Human
Spell: Overload (16 Blue/Red) - Deal 4 damage randomly split among enemies, boosted by all Ally and enemy Armor. [4:1]
Traits: Mech Bond / Invention - Gain 1 Armor on 4 or 5 Gem matches. / Overclock - Allied Mech gain 4 Attack and Armor.
Requires: Minor Water, Arcane Blood Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 18; Life - 24; Armor - 22; Magic - 0 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: An expert on current affairs…
Will arrive in 7 days (2017-04-10).[/details]


I am so excited for Tesla!

Which is really weird for me.

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Stonehammer (April Mythic)

This spoiler image is fan-assembled from game files, and is UNOFFICIAL

REMINDER: All future troop details are subject to change at any time. (Retrieved 2017-04-04)

Mythic / Khaziel / Divine Dwarf
Spell: Ancient Wrath (22 Blue/Brown/Yellow) - Cause Burn and Stun to 3 random enemies. Gain [Magic+1] Life.
Traits: Thick Head / Warded / Unbreakable - Reduce damage from Skulls by 80%.
Requires: Minor Earth, Arcane Shield, Arcane Mountain Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 14; Life - 37; Armor - 20; Magic - 7 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: Sing along with me…
Will arrive in 3 days (2017-04-07).


Well at least there is still time for him to get changed. He is about to become the poster child for bad opens.

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I don’t understand why they would even limit his spell to just hitting 3 targets and not simply all targets, it seems so arbitrary.
Don’t get me wrong, for 22 mana his spell is really weak either way, i just don’t get why they would go the extra mile to make it even weaker, when several other base mythics hit all targets with status effects in addition to the damage they do.

I am still a fan of the general concept of a really strong mythic tank that can’t be cheesed with status effects(bonus points for being a badass dwarf), but his spell aside from being really really weak for its high cost is also terribly boring, basically something that you just get passively by simply using troops like Emperor Korvash, Jarl or Elemaugrim on your team.
I really hope they take the few remaining days to make his spell something more exciting.

Yup. Feels like they’ve got some diversity quota to fill and they’re short of Mythic Dwarves, so here comes a token effort…


Not the first one either i might add, Jotnar knows the feel.

Jotnar is a bit under-powered but kinda usable. So is Kettle The Red Bull.

This one may as well be a three colour Fortress Gate…


Jotnar is a giant token that is kinda forced to play with other giants while completely antisynergizing with them, since he is the only giant that even deals any kind of true damage, which in essence means you mostly end up having to chew up his targets armor anyways.
Giant teams are also a clunky mess that are quite bad at supplying the demanding manacost of base mythics like Jotnar, considering 75% of them are (mostly bad) single target damage dealers.

As for Ketras i kinda like him now, at least he is independent allowing for many options to build teams around him, and he gets to oneshot status quite quickly because of that.
Sure he is no Famine, but i find him to be useful, much more so than Jotnar and Wulfgarok fe.

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I could see using the dwarf if the spell cost was cut in half, so you could quickly fill and then never cast so it doesn’t block mana. As is you’re compelled to use green, red, purple troops


That’s an idea… One could use him to tank for a TDS / Krystenax team. He doesn’t block TDS at all, and the partial block on Krys is compensated by Crystallize. At the very least I think it’s worth a try.


What the?!? That spell is buttcheeks. He should heal all allies for that cost, or explode some gems with his mighty hammer, or something. Ick, I was looking forward to him until seeing that spell…

And with TDS exploding it should fill quickly and stop blocking blue. And the option of casting in emergency for extra 15-20 life.

Or just block with Gorgotha, to have a spell worth casting, and let blue mana through…