(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Thank you as always you are awesome Lyya

Question for some of the long-time spoiler watchers: has there been a noticeable increase in the number of troops and events that are in the game files over the last few months? That is, are you seeing more weeks worth of troops than you used to a few months ago? And if so, how many weeks worth are available now?

Just curious about the implications for the last stage of the console catch-up…

In late summer last year, the general roadmap for all troops through 1/1/2017 were in the game files. The list underwent a bunch of small tweaks in ordering, and many TBD spells were filled in along the way, but the broad strokes were in place at the time of that summer update. We have a similar degree of foresight granted to us now (and I am no longer the sole spelunker). In short, it appears to be business as usual.


Interesting. Thanks.

Hey @lyya dig us out a few more incoming troops to speculate about? Pretty please?

Next week’s troop:

Ultra-Rare Broken Spire Elemental-Construct
Igneous (12 Purple/Brown)
Explode a Gem. Deal [Magic + 1] damage to the first enemy, boosted by Red Gems destroyed. Deal triple damage if the enemy is a Construct. [4x]
(Construct Slayer, Big, Stoneskin)
MAX Attack:15 Life:18 Armor:26 Magic:9
Don’t eat dwarven chilli…


Ahh, an anti-courage troop


It only hits the first troop though, isn’t Courage usually further down the order?

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Do we know when we are going to get something for Blackhawk??

I’ve been seeing a lot of double courage lately, and while it would be a LOT better with a targeted nuke, I think it could prove very useful once you punch through their tank.

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I’ve certainly never noticed a leadoff Courage. I’ve seen them in every other slot besides the first.

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Blackhawk is tentatively mid april

The link above is just what I’ve collected from various spoiler posts and as such should be taken with a spoon of salt and the knowledge that things can and will change over time.


Awesome… thanks

The tank is never the issue in the double courage teams, it’s the bone dragon on the back end that’s usually the problem for me…


OK, what is with all of the construct on construct hate? The only things that have anti-construct abilities or traits are other constructs (or certain construct related troops). Its … odd.

Or it used to be, and they’re all mechs now with the same thing, and this is just a return to form…

I guess it would be more impressive if there were slightly more of them. I do pattern recognition on a lower level :stuck_out_tongue:


What are you talking about? There is currently no troop in the game with Construct Slayer, and only one Mech has Mech Slayer. That’s clearly not enough to claim any pattern or trend.

There are two troops with Mech Slayer, one is a Mech and the other is in Adana and has Mech Bond as well. And Mechs and Constructs are nearly indistinguishable (at times).

There is nothing of note about Ghiralee having Mech Slayer, she’s a mechanic and so can take them apart, it’s not different from any other Slayer that fits thematically (and thus is ‘related’ to the things they slay, e.g Elf Eater having Elf Slayer), that’s the standard and does not fin in your “construct on construct hate” theory. I mean, who would you want to have Mech Slayer, Faunessa? It would make no sense…

As for the Mech troop having Mech Slayer, since it’s just one, it’s not even that unusual. There are other such cases, like Desdaemona having Daemon Slayer and Alastair having Undead Slayer.

Faunessa having Mech Slayer would make absolutely perfect sense, in a Princess Mononoke kind of way.

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Lord Ironbeard is already a targeted anti-red nuke, but can’t hit hard enough to take out Courage.