(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Faunessa having Mech Slayer would make absolutely perfect sense, in a Princess Mononoke kind of way.

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Lord Ironbeard is already a targeted anti-red nuke, but can’t hit hard enough to take out Courage.

Next week troop info? :slight_smile:

Here let me save you all that tedious scrolling :joy:


Oh i wasnt aware someone already asked, or i wouldnt repeat the question. Sorry forum goers.

Anything more on upcoming mythics? Ketras, Stonehammer, or others?

Not much has changed regarding mythics. Anyways I’ll post it again since it’s been a while.

[spoiler]Ketras the Bull
Mythic / Wild Plains / Divine Tauros
Spell: Blood Hunger (24 Green/Brown/Red) - Deal [Magic+4] damage to an enemy, boosted by my Attack, Life and Armor. [3:1]
Traits: Tauros Bond / Armored / Raging Bull: Gain 2 Attack, Armor and Life when matching Red Gems.
Requires: Minor Nature, Arcane Forest, Arcane Beast Traitstones
Max stats: Life - 22; Armor - 19; Attack - 22; Magic - 4 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: Gives you wings…
Will arrive in 11 days (2017-03-03).

Mythic / Khaziel / Divine Dwarf
Spell: Ancient Wrath (22 Blue/Brown/Yellow) - Cause Burn and Stun to 3 random enemies. Gain [Magic+1] Life.
Traits: Thick Head / Dwarf Bond / Unbreakable: Reduce damage from Skulls by 80%.
Requires: Minor Earth, Arcane Shield, Arcane Mountain Traitstones
Max stats: Life - 37; Armor - 18; Attack - 14; Magic - 6 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: Sing along with me…
Will arrive in 46 days (2017-04-07).


EDIT: one day later, and there are changes and new details for mythics. The data above was updated accordingly.


What is the pillage and plunder trait?

Gain 20 bonus Gold on 4 or 5 Gem matches.
Minor Earth Traitstone: 34
Arcane Forest Traitstone: 6 (Zaejin)
Celestial Traitstone: 2

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Im curious of how ketras look

Ketras seems to be a good fit with some of the guardians. (Will Loyalty finally see some use?). I think this troop has the same potential as Gard to be an OP troop, except it works also in defense teams.

Mab,justice will always be better becajse it will use his attack as a boost also


Looping alchemist/cat is going to make that a big bull very fast

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jarl, hellcat, ketras, mercy maybe?

I would most likely go Mercy Alchemist Hellcat Ketras. The three in front seem to work very Well even with Jotnar

…but even better with Gard’s Avatar…


I know. This team works with almost everyone using Red Yellow. Best way to make it infinite loop depending on board is Mercy Alchemist Hellcat Valkyrie

Any idea when these troops will release?

@yonizaf has marked the projected release dates for the Mythics. The next Legendary is due for release on Monday.

Well… yeah, probably. Unfortunately it’s also the best way to make it an infinite battle :wink: