(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

There have been some changes to upcoming mythics today. I updated the post above with new details.


Next week:

[spoiler]Marsh Strangler
Rare / Mist Of Scales / Elemental
Spell: Strangler (10 Green/Purple) - Deal [Magic+1] damage to an enemy, boosted by entangled enemies. [x5]
Traits: Elemental Bond / Entrapment / Nature Spirit
Requires: Minor Nature, Arcane Venom Traitstones
Max stats: Life - 27; Armor - 16; Attack - 14; Magic - 10 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: Little Marsh of Horrors.
Will arrive in 7 days (2017-02-27).

Common / Mist Of Scales / Elemental Monster
Spell: Bog Slime (8 Green) - Destroy [Magic+1] Gems and entangle a random enemy.
Traits: Elemental Bond / Tangle: Inflict Entangle when doing Skull damage / Barkskin: Reduce damage from Skulls by 33%
Requires: Minor Nature, Arcane Stealth Traitstones
Max stats: Life - 27; Armor - 13; Attack - 14; Magic - 5 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: He’s doing vine.
Will arrive in 7 days (2017-02-27).



Barkskin? What’s that? Like 10% damage reduction from skulls?

It’s 33% actually, but not a bad guess nonetheless. added the info to the post above.

Any data about the mythic of May? The Dragon Mythic

Nothing in the game files. The files include troop data up to the end of April.

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Will probably get a different name, since barkskin is Treant’s spell.

Ancient Horror’s spell name is Devour. Didn’t stop them to introduce a mechanic with the same name.

The name of Ancient Horror’s spell WAS Devour. It got changed to Daemonic Feast at some point.

The same way, Void Portal’s name was supposed to be Abyssal Portal, but was changed before release due to Kruarg’s spell name.

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Damn. I must’ve missed that. :sweat_smile:

lol, wasnt there enough of skull reduction traits?
25% 50%… 40% now 33%? :confused:


you forgot 75% and 80%.

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those are fine since its legendary + mythic related

but the 25% 50% was more commonly used… 40% was already kinda off but now 33% it becomes a mess, and how are we gonna filter them searching for a tank? xD search by what, “skulls” ? xD

If you search “reduce damage from skulls” you’ll find them all, but I agree it’s kinda bothersome.

My guess for why they did it, is because trait assignment is mostly thematic. Stoneskin implies something nature based, and is indeed mostly assigned to nature based troops - rocks, animals and plants. Armored implies something metal-plated, and is mostly assigned to knights and mechs.

Putting Armored on a troop with no actual armor, or Stoneskin on something with no bare skin (or skin at all) feels wrong thematically, but you’s still want to occasionally assign something better than Armored for a knight (hence Holy Armor) or something not as strong as Stoneskin for a tree (hence Barkskin). Since having two different names for the exact same effect would be weird , they changed the effect a little.

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Yes but his spell is so lame… “Cause Burn and Stun to 3 random enemies. Gain X Life”…

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well i suppose i couldnt care less that there is multiply of similiar trait if we had better search/filter options

i think his spell is only fair
a unit shouldnt be super tanky AND deal good damage in same time :stuck_out_tongue:

dont forget his 80% reduction isnt stunnable ( but is still devourable)

Meh. Gorgotha’s spell and 3rd trait are quite nice.

Why “3 random enemies”? Even “all enemies” is still not that good but I can see some synergy with Guardians…

Remind me, when the troop is Rare, is the glory pack 300 for 2 troops + 1 arcane or 300 for 1 troop + 1 arcane? I remember the commons come 3 per pack.

I remember it being 2 Rare troops per pack.