(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Commons = 3 troops 1 arcane
Rares = 2 troops 1 arcane
Ultras = 1 troop 1 arcane
Epics = 1 troop 2 arcanes (and cost 400 glory instead of 300)


Unless… puts on tinfoil hat …there is a buff to burn in the works that no one is aware of… :scream:

My question is, which comes first? The Stun or the Burn?
Basically, can I effectively burn an Infernal King or will he just be stunned?
If it’s the latter then the spell becomes even more unimpressive.
3 damage per turn really isn’t much by this point, but at least it’d be something.

When there are legendaries that burn and stun on 4+ matches, a mythic troop burning and stunning a few troops on a big cast skill is extremely disappointing and underwhelming.


His last trait is very underwhelming from the start (In a sense of it being a mythic considering a legendary has 75% damage reduction) so I kind of felt like the dwarfs are really not getting any love, especially now that his ability has been shown.

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I checked current spell steps, looks like burning comes first.

And “3 random enemies” means that it can be casted twice or three times on the same troop…

I don’t think so. I get why would you think that (Ship Cannon), but the mechanics are not the same.

If you want to test it, Ice Golem uses the same code path. you can use his spell to target a square with 3 blue gems, and the effect will be identical (except freeze instead of burn/stun, obviously). I did a test for a while, and was not able to see him hit the same troop twice.


[quote=“yonizaf, post:2233, topic:1280”]

Ketras the Bull Mythic / Wild Plains / Divine Tauros Spell: Blood Hunger (24 Green/Brown/Red) - Deal [Magic+4] damage to an enemy, boosted by my Attack, Life and Armor. [3:1] Traits: Tauros Bond / Armored / Raging Bull: Gain 2 Attack, Armor and Life when matching Red Gems. Requires: Minor Nature, Arcane Forest, Arcane Beast Traitstones Max stats: Life - 22; Armor - 19; Attack - 22; Magic - 4 (When fully ascended and level 20) Flavor Text: Gives you wings... Will arrive in 11 days (2017-03-03).

Mythic / Khaziel / Divine Dwarf
Spell: Ancient Wrath (22 Blue/Brown/Yellow) - Cause Burn and Stun to 3 random enemies. Gain [Magic+1] Life.
Traits: Thick Head / Dwarf Bond / Unbreakable: Reduce damage from Skulls by 80%.
Requires: Minor Earth, Arcane Shield, Arcane Mountain Traitstones
Max stats: Life - 37; Armor - 18; Attack - 14; Magic - 6 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: Sing along with me...
Will arrive in 46 days (2017-04-07).



i dont get the hate on mythic dwarf
he looks like he can get really good with some courage in the team and he doesnt block courage neither tds mana… ultimate tank that gains life and has unremovable 80% skull reduction with a lot more mana opening then some ppl say imo
i dont see how is that underwhelming
after a lot of heavy damage dealers released lately we could use one balanced tank, stop complaining ppl? do you really wanna buff him? :sweat_smile:


Gorgotha works as a tank because of masiv explosion, so you still get mana from it.
Now this dwarf is a tank that blocks 3 colors, and is very expensiv to by pass the mana block. And even after you fill him he doesnt help filling your other troops and has a bad spell to say the least.


yup but he heals himself instead

if you focus on filling TDS instead of him you will probably get entire team up as fast as gorgotha, and once you pass the mana issue he is much more tanky then gorgo

honestly i think he is perfectly balanced the way he is, any more buffs and he would rather get overpowered - give him the damage and he will become all-purpose killing machine, give him more tankiness and he becomes unkillable, give him more support ability and he becomes all purpose must-use troop? do you want another must-use valkyrie story but as an expensive mythic-quality edition?

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I agree with @DonBoba - that spell as drafted for a Mythic troop is utterly underwhelming. 22 mana for minor status effects and a bit of Life? No thanks.

The third trait is strong but dull - the game isn’t short of skull damage reduction already. Make it 50% reduction in all damage: that’d be different at least… oh and a use of Thick Head which is a pants trait but here is actually useful… Just shhh or someone will make it impervious instead…


It looks pretty obviously unfinished. I can’t image it going in in this state.

No cleanse, no protection against deathmark, and no protection against devour doesn’t make something particularly “tanky” in the meta of today. Add to that zero board mod, zero mana generation, AND zero damage on the spell is a recipe for something to fade into obscurity a week after release. Gorgotha, taking 25% more skull damage by comparison AND having a cleanse is still easy enough to take down. Even just using skulls. And unlike Gorgotha, there would be absolutely no threat in just leaving them alive while just blasting everyone apart with spells. Even Silvermaiden’s spell is miles better, costing 12 mana and blocking less colors. Yeah, he has more skull reduction… after 42 arcanes. Outside of eating a bone dragon cast (or death touch, bullseye, assassinate), though, how often do you really lose troops to skulls?

Adding damage to the spell (preferably boosted by life, with a low boost ratio) would still make him pretty bad on offense IMO, but at least give him some teeth.

On the other hand, under “reasons not to buff him”, we have “he prioritizes defense and will never be all that useful or fun in the hands of a player but has great potential to be annoying on defense if they make his spell even more defensive”, so there is that.


since he is the base mythic with this kind of trait setup i think he should be or is suppose to be the tankiest tank it can get in game

it would be a waste and a shame if he was half-hearted tank and something else to it

so if he needs a buff maybe give him a tiny bit more of that tankiness :slight_smile:
add cleanse to his spell or change dwarf bond into death ward … things like that

yet even tankiest tank must have a weakness so he should be either devourable or death markable (plus entangable in both cases)

i dont care for him being useful in a support or offense maner coz i think then he would have to be less tanky to balance things out

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The only buff he needs really is a cleanse on his spell.
Why? Because it would suck that he could get killed with a single skull hit from wraith. And freezing him blocks you from getting extra turns on 3 of the colors and skulls.

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Good luck casting his spell before wraith gets that death mark in. Sometimes it’s hard even for Gorgotha and it’s mana cost.

For that matter, some times even having the spell ready isn’t enough when it goes off as soon as they apply it.


Unless mana blocking is somehow mitigated, mythics make a poor first rank troop. This dwarf mythic seems to be trying to fill several roles, but none too well.

Would be cool if this dwarf spell would have a new mehanism that would put a buff on himself (or maybe your whole team, why not) that would prevent next incoming debuff. In case its multiple debuffs simultaneously (in case of wraith doing skull damage) it would prevent both debuffs since they would apply at the same time.

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all of these random skull reductions is incredibly lazy design in my book. Why not have a trait that reduces ALL damage by 25%? aka spells and skulls. Now that would actually be interesting. 40%? 33%? 80%? Who cares, anyone that only has one way of dealing damage and cant beat a Gorgoltha deserves the loss. ALL of my beginner teams can destroy him, forget my fully lvled teams. And whats worse…Gorgoltha’s spell is SOOOO much better like by a mile.

For once I would like to see another damage reduction effect that does something actually unique.