(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

I think he needs:

  • Impervious instead of Thick Head
  • Replace “3 randoms enemies” by “All enemies”
    But, his “style” (ie heavy tank) is too much similar to Gorgotha which belongs to the same kingdom… Why?

If we’re wishing, I’d suggest that his mythic trait should give all allies either Stoneskin or Armored. Let him keep Thick Headed, since he’d shift from a front-line tank to the middle/back of the team and so a targeted devour or death mark would be helpful.


Interesting idea :smiley:

Why not have a really strong trait come with a drawback? Why is everything a buff? Some sort of counter-system like old Final Fantasy. Let players make more risk-reward choices. Surely (Don’t call me Shirley) this has come up before…

  • Undead bonus? take extra damage from divine
  • Extra ice damage? more vulnerable to fire
  • Extra armour? reduction in life (vice versa, less armour, more life)

and so on

It’s a the worst mythic, dwarf Mythic…,
I can’t think any good points about him than Gorgotha has.
Devs hate Dwarves maybe lol

Gaining a trait is a mostly irreversible action. This would prevent people from building different teams where some required the advantage and others required the lack of the disadvantage. It kills flexibility.

well then after reading all the wraith comments im just more sure i would replace his dwarf bond >> to death ward

leave him vulnerability to freeze entangle and whatnot :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe add to his spell “remove 1 random debuff from myself” or “remove 1 random debuff from each ally”

Dwarf bond is the strongest trait ever! Any bond trait is crazy strong!

Wait a moment enemy team! Look how my 130 hp gets further increased by additional 2 (!) hp from bond! Take that. Go on, surrendering is understandable.


dont mock dwarves proud of their family bonds :sweat_smile::joy:

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Bond traits clearly need to get adjusted to a percentage, like maybe 10%. Then they might actually factor into decisions.


A few things could really benefit from that. Hydra’s legendary trait, for instance. The thing is that the Bond traits are usually low barrier-to-entry traits that can be gotten very early in the game… when 10% is going to do almost nothing.

Some low tier traits as racial bonds, poison immunity and flying, just to mention a few, could even be free to certain races/troops and it wouldn’t even add any significant impact into the gameplay.

But if a low-tier troop had a total of, say, 16 or 17 health+armor, that would still be rounded to 2 hp, right? A player with troops having stats like that is likely to not own many troops yet, let alone get them traited. By the time they’re likely to have a few troops of the same type and enough stones for a few traits, they’re probably leveling them up a little too, which would raise the bonus from the percentage due to higher base stats.

Also, are we talking 10% per ally or 10% all the time? Because if it’s 10% per that can add up quickly. That may end up being a bit too OP for early game.

I’m trying something new… Fully assembled spoiler images. Feedback is welcome.

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Omigosh marry me


Nice work, way better than Lyya’s spoilers. :laughing::imp:


That’s awesome! Most definitely use that format in the future please. Cheers.

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Any new info about the new kingdom?

Apart from name, logo, and upcoming week troop colors? Maybe its to early.