Special dev fights in pvp

i was thinking we all enjoy salty’s fight club I was thinking maybe there could be a chance that a dev’s defense team could show up. @Saltypatra please give me your opinion on this


But then you’ll find out how much I suck :joy:

Possible, but at least those who played you could say they’ve beaten a dev :rofl: :merman:

They’d be beating the same AI as every other defense team. The only human touch to defense teams are the troops selected, order of troops, medals selected, bonuses they have from kingdoms/renown/medals, and class talent selections. However… they’d probably have less stats than most players, unless they set up special accounts to max them out.

oh @Kafka unlike us you have access to dev tools you could easily send yourself all the troops and give them all the traits and make a cool team though TBH salty would probably be a much bigger challenge

It would be great to face devs in pvp. Maybe they can “pump” their profile, for example Sirrian could be like a lvl500 fight with a particular high gold reward

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Looks like you didn’t get the fact it was meant as a joke :thinking:

With special adventure board, we could fight teams named after devs at least. April fools sort of fun.

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