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SPARTACUS now recruiting( spots available) **GW OPTIONAL**

Spartacus top-250(current rank 244) guild recruiting.
Our reqs:1000 seals and 100 trophies.Gold as much as you can,but no req yet.
What we offer:we max 2 tasks,and the others 8-9/12.Soon we will do all tasks.Usually 30-35k seals but will do 40k soon
We register for guild wars and most of the guild is playing,but this is optional with no reqs(currently bracket 16)
You must also use discord,much better communication than the standard guild chat.
So anyone who like to join us please leave your invite code and what you can do weekly

NOTE:spartacus is the sister guild of carnivores(top-20 guild)

join now 2 spots available

Join us now

still 2 spots available

Hi. I’m looking for a new home as my current guild is mostly inactive. I’m level 264 and recently got all my kingdoms to level 10. As my current guild isn’t very active I haven’t tried out GW yet but I intend to. I generally pull 1500 seals and a couple hundred trophies and will contribute generously to guild tasks.

My invite code is PLATRIUS

invite will be sent soon

1 spot left,join us now!

Invite me.

Code: yannnancy

1 spot open,you can join us to help us grow even faster

still 1 spot available,join now

2 spots open now

1 spot free!

still 1 spot open,join our great family

oh come on,fill the spot already :smiley:

we will have 2 spots tomorrow

Spartacus still has one spot open now and will have two more spots open after reset.

Please invite.

Code: yannnancy

2 spots open,join us now

Please invite. My code: SHOGH

I can meet the requirements. Happy to join. invite code: GOBLIN 16