[Top-20 Guild] Carnivores #16 - Recruiting (PC/Mobile)

We are ambitious and continuing to move forwards in the league.

We are currently #16 and recently passed the 600,000 trophy mark.

Would you like to help out a very aggressive pack of meat-eaters?

We can offer you:

All Statues and Legendary Tasks and 40K Seals each week.
We are Bracket 3 in Guild Wars - so no stress there.

Our minimum requirements are;

400K Gold / 1,500 Seals / 250 Trophies.

You must take part in Guild Wars and join us on Discord.

We also have a sister guild Spartacus so even if you cannot make the minimum requirements due to real-life issues we have a temporary home for you.


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Thanks to a prompt response by two recruits. We are now full.

We have one spot available for the right person. Interested, please PM me or put your details including Invite Code here. Thanks.

Hi, i would like to join your guild. 1036lvl, all kingdoms 10 lvl, can donate 350k+,max seals and 150+ trophies. Invite code OBOIIL

Invite sent!

LV: 1105
Invite me. Thanks

Recruiting closed. Many thanks for your interest.

Saint Marah has been a solid hard-core player for us and was the major force in created our sister guild Spartacus. She now has the bug and experience to form her own guild and has left today. She will be sadly missed.

We therefore have one spot in our pack for a lean, mean, hungry, eating machine!

Please PM me with your details and Invite Code or leave your details here. Thanks.

Recruiting completed. Thanks.

It’s our regular recruitment day and we are looking for 1 or 2 keen and mean Carnivores. PM me and let me know you are interested and what you can do for us.

Please note that due to Guild Wars all new players are required to join Discord for communication.

Join our den, 2 spots open,we just hit 500,000 trophies

We are officially Demi-Gods. Yay. Come join us before reset and reap the rewards!

Do you still have 2 spots open? My boyfriend and I are looking for a guild that can take us both

Guild Wars is here and not everyone is happy to take part in this challenge so we now have two or three spots available for keen players who would like to make a difference to a very sociable and hungry pack of meat-eaters.

We still have two spots available.

Join us before reset!
2 spots available!

Hi there, I’m looking for a new guild(yet again…) since my old one has gotten lazy. Starting from Monday, I can assist with the requirements.

My level is 330, and the invite code is VLAD CRISTEA

still 1 spot open for tomorrow,join us!

Asmodeus is now with the pack. We just need one more meat-eater and then we are full again.

2 spots open join us now!