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Are you the only active member in your guild?

Of Ares and Athena is currently full but we have No Free Ride Friday every week. If you have your kingdoms to 10, participant of guild wars (0-5 still earns points towards the overall total), turn in all seals by Saturday reset, and earn PvP trophies you may be a replacement. Friend me at same gamertag and let’s talk about it.

Our guild just got 40k seals (its Tuesday) with a few people that haven’t turned in any seals. Working on Synergy. Interested. I have a current screenshot to prove 40k seals.

How do you do with guild tasks? My wife needs a new guild because of this problem.

We have all of them done except 2 or 3 and they are on level 10 - 12 when I logged off last night. Probably have them all done tonight. We have gotten Synergy a few times in the past.

She actually just got into It Burns right after I asked, but I appreciate the reply

Lost another one to them I guess. Thanks for asking. Have a gem good day!

any spot available please

i need new guild currently have own rank 368 guilty few
no one sticks around long enough to progress

i play everyday always get 1500 seals and complete all wars and contribute to statue tasks

current lvl 686 Psn Bondstore

Would take you right now, except this is for XBOX. You gave a PSN tag.

Looking for an active guild. Do you still have any spots open?

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We might have a couple tomorrow. What level and activity level are you?

Yesterday we got 40000 seals. Today we got all tasks completed and 1 legendary task done. We also made rank 100 guild and 125,000 trophies.

Level 554, never missed 1500 seals in a week nor a single day of guild wars, all kingdoms level 10/most five star power.

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Sounds awesome. Send your invite code to WyomingPixel gamertag and we will for sure get you in. Look forward to raid bossing, Invasions and everything else.

Or you can post your invite code here and edit it out once I get it. I am at work and won’t be able to invite til I get home in about 8 hours.

Sounds great. To be fair to my current guild, I would ask to wait until the guild week ends. I assume you would understand.

Of course. I will be online Sunday. Send me a message. You sound like you will fit in and be good for us and we will all grow together. Look forward to introducing ya to your new guild.

Added you as a friend on live. It does not look like you are on TA. Hope to see you online tonight. What time zone are you in? EST here.

CST (Kansas actually, we moved after I made my gamertag)

When is a good time to catch you. Personally, I keep vampire hours. :grinning:

I am on from the time I get home til about midnight. If you go into Global just look for Asuna Scarlette. She is our GM. Just tell her Pixel sent ya.