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Souls : The 8th gem?

Thought it would be a neat idea to have souls be a gem on board,could be a way to make souls without needing to field a soul farm team. thoughts?

Also i made this pic i thought looked purty :sparkling_heart:

Okay this is out of topic but I have the urge to say: Give me one death!

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That was the Puzzle Quest model (exp, gold were two “gem” types on the board). Wouldn’t really work in GoW because we already have 7 gem types on an 8x8 board, and that’s the magic number that makes the game playable.


Have any math you could link in support of that last sentence? It’d be neat to read something semi-rigorous.

Lyya is right, current number of gems fits the size of the board. With less different pieces (like in treasure hunt) we get to many matches from gems falling and it makes getting extra turns to easy for both player or AI. But another piece in normal mode would cause board to shuffle all the time because you wouldn’t have avaliable match.

like Lyya said, id like soul gems if there was less gem colors available, adding 8th color sounds too messy and would require programmed rng to ‘cheat’ falling gems into the board to make it playable or we would get auto-jumbles too often (i have no math behind it just common sense idea)

but i really like the idea of soul gem if the problem above could be solved somehow - maybe at a mini game