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Board Gems Changing and Game Layout Templates

This is just a simple idea I had. Do not slay me if this idea has already been suggested in the past as I didn’t search before posting.

My idea for a game feature is one in which players could earn the ability through either VIP points, Purchasable add-Ons or through progression through several of the games different features to change the design of the gems that are used on the board. It could possibly present an avenue for revenue through in game purchases and would definitely cater more towards the hardcore GoW players and allow a player to really tweak the design and make it more their own. Adding a level of customization.

Then, you could take the idea even further and add game layout Templates as well, which could be obtained in one of the same fashions as I have listed above. Making the game even more customizable to each player and allow them to feel even more like their layout was more their own. Adding to the depth and provenance of their game experience.

These were just some ideas rolling around in my noggin’. I’m a relatively new player and haven’t progressed far in the game. But, I am one of those kind of players where if I invest monetarily in a F2P or P2W kind of game. I do truly enjoy customizable options. Not to mention, I am OCD as a mofo and love the ability to customize my game experience as much as a particular interface will let me.

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I really like this idea!!

What could be great too is more customization options for the main character, coupled with more “visually rewarding” spell activations!!

A basic and simple way to do so (as a starter) could be to allow a cheaper buy option for armors only granting the skins but no bonus. That way you could either buy the full version (bonus + skin) or the skins only!

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I like that idea as well, the extent to which this could be explored is endless. One need only use their imagination to add upon the idea.

There were some event board designs for a few holidays in the USA, but it seems, this concept has been dropped. Didn’t really look great, I may add. The other ways of customisation, the game has added recently, player titles and smiley sets, do not appear to bring in the amount of money they were expecting either, I guess. Feels like it has gotten more silent around those.

The main point of the game is to keep the whales in a constant spending spree. Any feature that is able to reach a point, which could be declared “good enough”, does not fit into this calculation.
No matter how many mythics there are, adding another one is a sure bet to get players to spend on it. At custom skin number fifty on the other hand, the next one may not be greeted so enthusiasticly.

Wouldn’t rule out that there will be attempts to bring in different board designs for purchase at 50 Dollar or so, but compared to other money features it sounds like a lot of effort.

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