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Souls not matching in Raid Boss battles



What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I was expecting to get 140 souls after battle, plus 100% armor bonus and possibly 45% statue bonus. All of the matches in Raid Boss, up to the 4th Boss (so far) are only giving 128 souls.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Only doing it in Raid Boss.

Steps to make it happen again
Play Raid Boss.


Same thing on xbox, numbers are different though. I get 120/120 in battle and 80 souls on the battle summary.

Following as I’m having the same issue.

I switched my troops up a little and my max is now 120, but I’m receiving 384 after victories. So I guess it got fixed? That or it didn’t like my old team! :grin:

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Still broke 100/100 - 140 souls should be 300

I’m guessing that your VIP bonus or armor bonus for souls isn’t applying to the raid battles. Don’t know if that’s intended or not. But they definitely should!

What teams is everyone using? It might not be an issue with raids, but rather a specific troop.

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I started out with Wight/Pharos-Ra/Morterra/Keeper of Souls. I switched out KoS for Mang and it worked right. I just did one with KoS back in and it worked, too.

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Using mang, wight, ra, mort. Using ra and one other necro in a normal explore gives me 240 souls (same 120/120) so i’m getting 1/3 of that in the raid. I’m out of sigils so hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow. For long tedious battles we shouldn’t get rewards less than 30 second explore fights.

Looking into this :slight_smile: @kevin-1 approximately how long ago was this fight that you are showing in the screenshots?

Everyone else with the issue - were you using the same team when this issue occurred each time?

I used the same team from my previous comment each time once i reached the boss stage. I wasn’t paying attention if it happened in the minion battles. This was about 5-6 hours ago.

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It was this morning at about 8:00AM EST. :edit: Just checked out Discord server, I posted to the guild at 9:15.

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Just less than 2 minutes old

Screen says in game 120/120

Pharos Ra on team

Awards say 100 souls

I’m wondering. Look at your total souls before a raid match. Write down how many you should get (as shown during the battle), how many the victory screen shows and how many you actually got (new total souls minus pre-battle souls).

I’ve seen the victory screen in raids show wrong numbers before.

Pharos gets 20 per kill - and has the modifier of 150% in Explore (120) gets 300

Pharos gets 20 per kill - and has the modifier of 150% in Raid (120) gets 100…

Something is clearly wrong.

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It looks like (I could be wrong) that they have fixed the issue

Now getting 300 souls for my pharo

This should be fixed now! :smiley: