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Something wrong with guild management

My guild (Spectral Forces) have 30/30 members, according to the main screen.

But actually, there are only 28 members! It’s clearly seen at the Manage - Ranks page: there are 1 Guild Master, 7/7 Sentinels, 13/13 Commanders, 6/19 Legionnaries and 1 Recruit! It’s matched to the what I can see in the Roster screen.

Obviously, there are two “invisible” members somewhere. Can it be fixed?

(BTW, what use of having 19 Legionnaries limit, if total guild limit is 30 members, so it will never be achieved? :slight_smile:

Probably for cases where Guild Masters don’t want too many people in higher levels of power within the guild. As I understand it the GM can’t change the permissions of each rank? So it would allow them to keep most of the guild in the lower ranks if they so wish.

Well, for removing too many high rank people it’s enough to remove limit for lower ones. Just as for recruits. Why to have limit, and make it quite unobtainable except border cases, that’s the question. :slight_smile:

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Put in a help desk request. They will get your roster number corrected very quickly.

Umm… Thank you for suggestion, but how can I do it?

Support button, top of the page (on PC at least)

Actually, I was here, but found nothing about “help desk”, so asked here. But now, after extensive search, I found New request link somewhere. :slight_smile: Thank you again for your help!

@Smiling_Spectre1 I have this exact same issue! but this time it’s on console (XB1).

Whenever my guild PhantomKiddz is displaying 30/30, there’s only 28 members actually present.

This error seems to have occurred when Guild leadership was passed to me. The member roster glitched and went from listing 29/30 to 31/30. Suddenly two “invisible members” are taking up space whenever the guild reaches 28 members.

Did support ever resolve that issue for you. What did they do?

Anyone else having this problem?

Sorry, Syndarin, I missed your message.

Yes, support fixed this issue in several days after my message. :slight_smile: I didn’t remember what they did exactly (either removed “invisible” members, or made them visible), but issue vas resolved anyway and didn’t return yet.