Guild says we have 28 members, but on physical roster count I only see 24 members?

We have been kicking inactive members, and adding new members to my guild the last few weeks. I thought we only had two spots available (soon to be 1), but after physically counting the roster I only counted 24 members. However, on our guild home page, it says we have “28/30” members. I had our guild leader count as well, and he also only counted 24/30.

Has anyone noticed this before in their own guild? Is this a common issue? If so, is it something I have to e-mail support about to get fixed, or will it just let me add more members after we hit “30/30” (even though we wouldn’t technically be at 30/30, I know very confusing).

It is a fairly common issue and you’ll need to file a ticket with support to get it fixed.

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Okay, thanks!!