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Something to do with extra copies of Mythic troops

Today I got my 4th copy of Zilopoctl (I think that’s as close as I’m going to get). I’m still missing many mythics so obviously I’d have preferred another unowned but such is the way with gatchas. Anyway, possibilities I’d love to happen but that I’m well aware definitely probably won’t:

  • Ability to gift them to guildmates
  • Ability to exchange for diamonds
  • Ability to exchange for other mythic (with or without extra cost)
  • Convert 3 mythics into random (unowned) mythic

Wonder what you all think. Is there a way you could see this being balanced?


Fantastic idea! We should have option to share stuff amongst others…

but unlikely to happen, because it would probably mess up the game’s economic system


Quotation edited. Sometimes it is good to dream though :smiley:


On one hand, this would be nice. On the other, trading introduces an economy around bots. People would buy mythics from other players, regardless of the game rules around that.

Love this idea though! You use diamonda to make a mythic of your choice. Win win here.

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If trading were ever allowed it’d probably require a purchaseable “trading pass” consumable item or other such nonsense. I’m honestly OK with no trading, it’s a game about collectables and that just short-circuits it a bit much for my taste.

Being able to cash in extra Mythics for some crafting materials would be nice, even at something silly like 50% value. I can use 2000 Diamonds a lot more than I can use a 3rd Wulfgarok.


Knowing game economy, it would probably be more like 20% or 25%… so you would have to “crush soul” of 4-5 mythics to get one.

other than that:

“Mythic fusion”: use up 3 copies of owned mythics to get a random (maybe “random unowned”?) mythic instead.
Anyone willing to gamble ? :rofl:

so from these 3 above i suspect that gifting won’t happen, and exchanging for diamonds or other mythics will have some bad exchange rates: 3:1 5:1…

Which might be interesting…

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Definitely fine with and expecting a bad exchange rate, if this happens at all. 3-5:1 would make sense. They are already extremely rare as is so I’d love 2:1 or 3:1, but any use for extra mythics would be nice.

Obviously there are mythics that benefit from extra copies, but even those have no use once you go over 4 copies (arguably over 3).

I’d put this as more likely. There are a LOT of subpar Mythics and a gacha game’s whole schtick is to get you to keep pulling on the slot machine in hopes of getting something good.


Since Mythic fusion appears to have a lot of support, added it to the OP.

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Yeah, just got a second TPK today… you really only need one in a group, so the second one is kinda useless.

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There are certainly ways around that… For example: you have to be level 1500+, and have 7 copies of a mythic, so you can exchange 3 into 1 random mythic for a guildmate, who also has to be level 1200+ or something similar.

It’s fun to think about, but has basically zero chance of ever being implemented, as it would directly impact the revenue stream for the game.

ISTR there was a question about gifting/trading troops on one of the recent streams – more recently than the dev Q&A – and Salty’s response was basically “won’t happen, would break the economy”.

Disenchant is already the way to dispose of extra copies but yeah, oof, by the time you’re in the situation of having too many copies of mythics you don’t need the souls.

Another suggestion: Arena and Campaign both have a reroll mechanic now. Maybe this could be extended to mythic and pet gnome drops: if you don’t want this one you get one chance to reroll it to something else.


What a great idea.

All of them are would be good options :heart_eyes: