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Mythic Ascension

So, in light of @donboba’s irrational collection of Draak’s I had an idea.
We know that dev’s have said there will NOT be another level added beyond mythic.
SO… once @DonBoba gets his 6th Draak, there will not be anything for him to do, but disenchant that VERY, in terms of RNGesus, EXPENSIVE card for nominal souls.

SO, What if upon the collection of a 6th mythic, you were granted the opportunity to trade in 5 duplicates for one copy of a Mythic of your choice?

Now before you say this is broken: This means you have bent to the whims of RNGesus 6 times, with a rate of somewhere between 0.0001% and “Go suck an egg” (I cannot verify this math.) and come up with 6 duplicate mythics.

Thoughts? :wink:


I’m in support of this. Anyone that experiences that kind of bad luck deserves an out.


Would be cool to do that with any rarity card, using its BASE rarity. Trade 5 copies of a legendary for a randomly rolled new one, etc.

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I would be cool with this feature for any rarity card, but NOT with a random draw! Then @donboba would trade in 5 Draaks and RNGesus would give him a Draak!! :rage: :angry: :rage:


I already disenchanted that fifth mofo. Damn card I can’t keep it away from me. It will start popping out in gold chests too!


Btw i like the idea :slight_smile:

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I believe the terms were not going to be another level above Mythic for the near future. I wouldn’t rule this out at all. Eventually I think they’ll have to add in another level.

Don deserves to get anything he wants at this point though, but i’m biased.

They are most likely going to add another map of kingdoms, possibly, but I could see it happening end of 2017 or 2018.

@Sirrian tell me i’m wrong, please. Because i’m sort of hoping this won’t be the case, and you’ll find other ways to keep the game interesting and going long term. OR better yet reiterate if it’s a definitive there will never be another rarity level, or it’s a maybe, but we don’t know when.

Plus as I said before, I stand by the thinking that Mythics were created to lower end-game players stockpile of resources. So with that theory I now think the in-game economy is balanced and we might not ever need another rarity.

I’m contradicting my own arguments. I gotta stop. I can’t decide.



I personally had 9 deaths who dissappeared at the hit of the mass disenchant button along with many others. I like the idea but it would have to be with every card/rarity

Nope to this idea, just another pity mechanic - not something the devs or publisher will countenance…

Closest we will get might be a crafting mechanic (one day) with some kind of mini-game or other currency way of limiting its use…

Great idea! :smiley:

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I am a fan of disenchant / crafting mechanic. However, such things mess with economies. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

It is a tricky business to balance economies in general… and games are no different.

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id go for exchanging 5 mythics for 1 random, 1 chosen is too much

Unless you are getting absurdly lucky, the best you can hope for in the current economy is to keep pace with mythic releases, getting 1 to drop for each one that is released (legendary tasks push that up by a fraction of a point). I am of the opinion that mythic troops should just stop dropping completely after you have gotten just one. If not one, then definately four. If you currently have more than 4 of a given one, it can be rerolled into a different one for a nominal fee of “endgame useless” resources (souls, majors, gold) combined with gems. The alternative basically leaves collections incompletable, forever, without an extreme amount of luck, especially if you started playing after mythics were first released. And yeah, that may be the intention of the developers, but answer honestly: would you have started the game if you knew you could never get a full collection, no matter how much money you spent or how much you played?

As of now, this is mostly tolerable, as Mythics are mainly just fun little toys, and not getting one is not make or break to your ability to build a good and/or fast team and none of them make kingdom skill points possible (though they do make them slightly easier). If you can pretend they don’t exist, and you don’t “need” to collect them, then you can do an end run around the “complete” collection thing. However, if kingdom Mythics ever become the bottleneck to get a final star in a kingdom, especially a skill bonus, this is going to have a huge effect on gameplay and create an even bigger divide in the playerbase.

Also, yes, more than likely Mythics were created solely to be a drain on end-game players resources. However, there are other ways to drain resources other than through an endless RNG slog. An appropriate crafting cost (a few thousand gems + hundreds of thousands of souls, etc) would drain the same amount of resources, but take out the massive barrier for gaining mythics that aren’t in there exclusive period. On the other hand, it would make their cost readily apparent to all the uninformed low level players, which is, unfortunately, probably where a good portion of their income comes from (the fact that the first pack offered to new players still contains the Archmage armor pretty much confirms this).

With there being new ways to get (limited, and random) mythics through the shop in the upcoming update, though, a $50 a month player in a close-to-max guild now has at least the possibility of obtaining every single mythic eventually. So at least there is a path now, albiet with a paid component. Prior to this, in order to get another chance at a mythic you’d have to dump about $400 on average to get the amount of gems it takes to get a mythic on average (twice that before you hit VIP 5, which wouldn’t take long) and you could dump thousands of dollars into the game at one time still and not get everything (or even just the one thing you wanted). This is still the case with the new subscription pack, but since it is designed to make you wait and supplement what you gain normally, it is closer to a growth buff than just buying a cheat code. A step in the right direction, at least.

i assume more or less that is the case,

but more like if anything ever at all - then exactly the mythics should be the one elusive goal in the game that is not easily achieveable, so it cannot ever be given a guarantee ‘chosen’ or ‘missing’ one - while rng is still allowed

however, after reading all that - you did manage to convince me maybe a 50% chance to give a missing one and 50% (or some other numbers) chance to be it random could still be reasonable

in the end we are at developers mercy anyway so what they make of it - it shall be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: