Something to add to the LT drops


How about adding vault keys to the Lt’s at a slim chance?


That would be amazing. If your guild is doing LT’s, getting 50 souls or 10 gold keys for your million gold. I support this idea, thanks Bob :slight_smile:


I meant to say getting the lessor prizes is very disappointing, oops


This will also give players an indirect chance at some other decent rewards


I’d gladly trade the Arcane Traitstone drop rate in LTs for some Vault Keys…


Arcane is better than Runic…
I guess we’re supposed to appreciate that “minor TS” were at least removed.


They should add Mythics in the drop pool! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 3-4 months my guild didnt pull one. The drop chance must have been reduced.


I’d be happy to get vault keys from LT’s. Mythics would be cool to get but we do, on rare occasions, see Legendary troops so not getting mythics is not horrible.


What about adding gems to the LT’s?


Gems were specifically taken out of LTs for economic reasons aeons ago. That was a dark time in GoW history known as the Great Gem Nerf. Gems won’t ever return to Its because of the shear volume of them completed by guilds.


I guess from their perspective it makes business sense to force people into feeling like they need to buy to do stuff.
I’m only level 75 and gems would help out a lot…


Being in an active Guild will help you immensely in the long run. It’s possible to find guilds that complete all tasks every week which takes in newish players such as yourself. These guilds understands that everyone starts without being able to do much at first, but once your kingdoms are all level 10 and you have more and better troops to play and compete you’ll start putting more into the guild.