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Something fishy

Please devs, look at the number 1 pvp leaderboard on ps4.

6945 points with only 3 pvp wins, 3 def wins, 1 def lost.

It seems extremly fishy

And sorry if that enter in the no call-out policy, but its worth mentioning

hi there…

it seems to have been a glitch/bug…

i’ve sent in a support ticket with what screenshots and information i have to 505 games. they are closed january 2nd though so i’m not sure we’ll see anything quickly in regards to this…

anyways, i’ll be passed soon enough by the raging hordes bearing big gifts from santa…

in the meantime just think of it as a chance for the dev’s to improve the game… interesting bugs lead to better code?

enjoy the fish,


Check it out

Hi elleche,

Yes i m sure it is due to a bug and not anything else. I did post that here not to accuse you of anything, but rather to have devs check what i believe is a new unknow bug. If in doing so i hurted your feelings, i am deeply sorry and apologise for.


hi fred,

no feelings hurt. don’t worry.

i’m taking the opportunity to enjoy the various troubles that arise from this… of which getting around to making a forum account is certainly one of.

anyways, someone of santa’s big gifts has already passed me and someone from shining force 1 is right behind.

we’ll see what the week holds…

have fun,