Some troops problems

Hello! I’m playing Gems for long time and so far me and my guild members have found some problems with troops and weapons. First we found some troops that have a wrong description about their tecniques. For King Silenus, other than the tecnique described it also burn and dismiss one point of magic to all the enemies. For Leanansidhe, it attaks all the enemies over the one troop you choose to attak and not under it.

And is it possible to change the fact that this weapon everytime it shifts a troop in another one, gives them back full armor and life?
Because it’s very hard to fight this way, sometimes it shifts the troop more than once and you have to kill more troops at full life.

Thank you!

what do you mean it shifts the troop more than once ?
Cosa intendi ?

Maybe is some talent or trait of summoning troops that gives a new troop ?
Effect applied by EoE can trigger to Lycan and can transform to beast with full life untraited.

Transforming one troop into another, it restores health and armor.

That’s just the translation, the descriptions are correct in English. It’s unlikely to get corrected any time soon.

So it must be lycan effect

The same problem exists in German. No mention, for example, that Lucifria burns the whole enemy team (which makes her very valuable in arena and also a good troop to have for lower level players when 3 damage still makes a sizable dent).


That has been changed a few month ago, but has never been mentioned anywhere dev-sided.

Gaards Avatar has still the wrong description. Daemon should be switched with undead on the german card.
There are probably dozend false descriptions more in every language (except english ofc)
I dont care anymore since devs do whatever they want, whenever they want.

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i mean that if you use the potions on an enemy and it turns into a random troop ( with full health ) if you use the potions again on the same troop sometimes happends that it turns again in another troop with full health and you have to damage it from the start. This practically turns against you.

the main problem it’s not the shifting but the fact that the troop will have again full health. isn’t it possible to let the enemy life stay the same even if it shifts?

A fully leveled EoE has a chance to transform the first enemy into a Giant Toad. And yes, every time a troop is transformed it will get full stats, but it will also have a lower level than the original troop (at least on the AI side), which makes it easier to kill.


I don’t have the last trait unlocked just to avoid the transformation into a giant toad, but then they did this damn update that they transform into random beasts and then the problem has degenerated further, because they have all the stats at full strength again, too if as you say the magic is still reduced it becomes impossible to beat them when you have little life.