Some trick to the new event?

Needing advice on new event.
These eyes we get and the blue, yellow, and whatever color… Why do I sometimes get 40eyes and sometimes 20?

Here is the scoring for the event. All points are .5x multipliers of the base it seems.

Werebear: 5-15 Mystic Eyes
Gargoyle: 8-24 Mystic Eyes
Hex Rat: 8-24 Mystic Eyes
Shaman of Set: 8-24 Mystic Eyes
Hydra: 10-30 Mystic Eyes
Xerodar: 20-60 Mystic Eyes
  • Play the highest “Rarity” first. Orange rooms first, purple if no orange, and blue if no purple.
  • Every 4 fights will spawn a “boss” type room with a different symbol that awards the most points so play it every time.

That is really all there is to it.


Also because of the above:

It’s random. Based on luck, out of 20 sigils, someone out there is going to get 600 eyes, someone else is going to get 100. The only way to guarantee you get more eyes is to buy more sigils.