Faction Assault arithmetic

(1-day FA event)
I spent all my sigils, clearing every room, cleared level 80, and ended up just several hundred points short of the stage 8 reward. So I had to buy a sigil from the shop.

My question is, is this fixed or random? Has anyone ever got the stage 8 reward without buying a sigil? Are Ravens random? Room multipliers?

(I am aware that one can optimize points by going after higher multiplier rooms first, and I have been doing that mostly but not entirely strictly, yet I believe the difference that makes was still not enough.)

I’ve been able to get to 80 with purchasing the first level quite a few times but not always. I believe that the rewards are based on points earned in battles so the higher your score per round, the better your chances are for getting to 80. If you are able to use a troop like Beetrix or Tesla that can one-shot the entire enemy team, then the battles obvsly go faster, so you earn more points. I notice that when I am playing around and testing different team combinations as I go, my score tends to be lower. But then I think 30 gems is OK for a shot at an orb of minions/forging/glory so I usually do buy that one tier. But not until I know I need it. Hope this helps

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First line should say WITHOUT purchasing first tier :slight_smile:

It’s been awhile, but i believe you can sometimes do it in delves with more favorable room multipliers. Valraven timing is slightly random, so you also have to luck into getting the raven slightly early.


Thanks for the answers.

Actually, after buying the sigil and clearing level 90, I was surprised to end up within top 100 on the leaderboard. So it is totally worth it. Next time I’ll just buy it up front, for the convenience of the potion and a sound leaderboard position.

PS room score formula:

x * y * z

x = current treasure multiplier (after adding this room’s)
y = delve level
z = 5 if normal room, 20 if boss room

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To wit, you’ll score slightly more points if you clear high-multiplier rooms first (correlates with higher rarity).

I know I’ve had my fair shares of Faction Assaults where 8 runs leaves me just shy of the final reward tier (one time by SINGLE DIGITS), but in that respect an effective 30 Gems for +1 Orb of Chaos (+1 more if you make top 100) is totally worth it.


No doubt 30 gems is worth it for the orb. My doubt was whether I should be buying the sigil from the start, for the added benefit of the potion during the runs. But now that I know there is another orb (plus even more gems) on the line, I see little reason to wait and see.

You can often do it without sigils. I think if on average you’d final chest is 4% upwards it is usually possible but it does involve taking the rooms in the order to max the uplift at all times. So taking the 30 gem does mean you can basically clear in any order.

I always have to buy sigils, the same applies to class trials. That’s also why you get into the top 100, because most people seem to not finish them.

In some delves it’s pretty easy to claim all eight prize gates without spending anything during a Faction Assault event so long as you know the order in which to do things. In some delves it’s impossible without a lot of RNG-based luck.

As the people above me state, a lot of this is about knowing in which order to hit rooms. It’s not always “hit the highest-scoring room first”, because there are times where it’s more beneficial to hit a lower-scoring room that’s blocking an even higher-scoring room as to get to that bigger number first and playing the “bigger picture”. (It’s a math puzzle.)

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The second part is how I managed to finish more FAs without buying the first tier.

It’s generally useful for people who have their eyes on top 100, too.

Two things:

  1. Always do the highest multiplier room available first. If it’s a tie, then see which one will unlock higher multiplier rooms behind it.
  2. I have an unofficial “Rule of 4”. If you get to the Boss Room at 3.75 (or higher) for a final multiplier of 4 (or higher), then you are on track to NOT need a sigil. A couple levels that are a little under are OK, but you will need to offset them with at least one level that is above 4. If you can keep the final multiplier at 4 for each level, you should be able to finish the Tuesday event without a sigil.

Today was an excellent example. Levels 20-50 were all at least 4, with 1 above at 4.1. Then I hit lvl 60 with a final multiplier (including the boss room) of 3.65.
I stopped right there and collected what I had so far and went on to something else.

It’s not an exact rule, but I’ve found it pretty accurate.

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In general yes but not always.

Say you can go for a 1.2 room or a 1.25 room - after the 1.25 room there’s a 1.15 room but after the 1.2 there’s a 1.4 room.

You’ll either end with .45 after two rooms (taking the 1.25 first and then the 1.2 which is the next highest) or with .6 with which you go into the next room.

The earlier you get to a really high multiplier the better, of course. That may mean going into a slightly lower fight first to have the higher multiplier sooner for more rooms.

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