How do people not run out of sigils

I am playing the bounty Games and purchased all items in shop and still run out of sigils. The raven appearance is low so I eventually run out and have to wait till next day. But on the leaderboard, there are people with 2M points. I am wondering how they achieve that?

In any event you can purchase T7 (and, consequently, 10 sigils for bounty, 20 sigils for world lore event and so on) as many times as you want if you have gems to spend.


Ah, I thought I had bought T7 item but I didn’t. Now I can see it can be purchased again. Mystery solved. Thanks.

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You don’t need to buy so many sigils to get all rewards for Bounty, as you can get up to a 30x point multiplier on every battle.


Wow that’s cool. I didn’t know we could use other bounty troops to help with the score. I just started playing 2 mos ago so still learning the stuff. Thanks for the tip.