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Sigils for Tower of Doom

Can anyone help me out please. Trying to figure out the total amount of sigils for purchasing tier 4 for the whole week. I think the raven drop is either 1:4 or 1:3. Thanks for any help.

Considering that there are also Haste scrolls, this becomes a more complex question.

Base sigils: 28
Sigils from 4 shop tiers: 14
Total base sigils: 42

Ravens tend to be 2.25 multiplier for all events except factions but will calculate them based on my situation:

I purchased 4 tiers and at 87 battles with no missed ravens and hitting all Haste scrolls (there have been 9 for us so far). As of today, I have spend all free sigils (4 x 4 = 16) + shop tier 4 sigils (14), for a total of 30. Haste scrolls essentially count as free sigils, so at 39 sigils. 87 / 39 = 2.23, very close to the 2.25 expected, which probably means my first fight tomorrow will be a raven.

Assuming I don’t find any more Haste scrolls and continue to get all ravens and not lose any battles, this would amount to 51 base sigils, or 114 or 115 battles (this includes the 9 haste scrolls).

If you don’t get any Haste scroll, expect 94 or 95 battles from the 42 sigils.

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Hi blindnighto
What is your doom count to date and without sounding snoopy could you post here your total after using all on Sunday if possible please. I thought it might be in excess of 70 dooms but just need some clarification as I always go above t7 which doesn’t help me calculate. Thanks for your input and time it is appreciated b

After using all my scrolls and sigils, ended up with 58 dooms with a 4-tier buy. It’s possible to have gotten more but my guild finished doom early and no one was motivated to keep climbing after that.

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My tier 4 purchase got me to 63 dooms, completed floor 43.

I could have gotten more. I stopped doing haste scroll rooms after floor 25. That’s 7 haste scrolls I skipped, which would have gotten me a couple of valravens.

Note: I didn’t do any scouting, others in my guild did the work for that so I could go for just the scrolls I wanted.


Thanks for the info guys most appreciated and well done getting to where you got.