Haste scrolls aren't giving what they promise

When playing the Doom today I found a few Haste Scrolls.
Now these scrolls are supposed to give a sigil according to what I found on the supportpage about this subject.

scroll_haste.png\ 90x90 Haste Scroll +1 Doom Sigil

But what happened? Nothing at all, nowhere an extra sigil in sight.
Now either there is a bug (once more :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ) or the explanation on the page is wrong. :roll_eyes:

The Haste Scroll should just have refunded the sigil you spent on that room. Did it not? That scroll is half a Valraven, not a full one.


You paid one sigil to enter, you got one sigil back, so if you see no change at all it’s working exactly as promised. Note that the fight gets you one step closer to the next Valraven, so there is a benefit in intentionally picking it up.


You can see the extra sigil given by it nuking an haste room with a fireball scroll.

Ps: oh, we had 1 on floor 2 but didnt paid attention, said on psn to check if it work or not, maybe it bugged this tod.

Before I entered the room that had a haste scroll I had 3 sigils.
In the room I defeated a Valraven so at the end I should have had 3 sigils minus the one I used +1 sigil from the scroll +2 sigils from the Valraven = 5 sigils if I’m counting right. But instead I ended up with 4 sigils.
A bit further in the game I found another Haste scroll but again I ended up not getting the sigil. I started with 4 sigils and ended up with 3 after the room with the scroll.

That doesn’t sound like what’s supposed to happen, maybe something got broken since the previous Tower of Doom? If you are still exploring, could you take screenshots showing

1.) Your sigils prior to entering the Haste room
2.) The reward screen showing the Haste scroll
3.) Your sigils after defeating the Haste room

and post them here? That might help the devs to isolate the issue.

That said, if there is some sort of collision between Valravens and Haste Scrolls, it should be easy enough for other people to check out. I skip Haste scrolls on general principle, but I will try on the first few floors this week and see if I get the same results.

Haste scrolls work correct for me (PC/Mobile).
Paid particular attention today and - when I enter ordinary haste scroll room I exit with the same number of sigils as before; when I enter Valraven haste scroll room I exit with two sigils more than before.

That’s how it should be, isn’t it?


Unfortunately I’m not a clairvoyant and therefor I didn’t know that it would happen as it happened :slightly_smiling_face:
So I didn’t take a screenshot, but next time I’ll ask the room whether it has a haste scroll and if it does I’ll take a screenshot :smiley:

Haste work on ps4 aswell, just did an haste room, had 2 sigils before and still 2 sigils after it.

More likely you mistaken the number of sigils you had before doing it.

Also didnt seen anyone either in guild or global say anything about haste rooms.

What time did this happen exactly or as close to it as possible?

I can see you started a ToD battle at 00:58 26/02/19 AEDT where you had 3 Sigils, used 1 then earned a Magic Scroll 2 minutes later when the battle completed. I can also see that about 12 hours ago you earned 2 Sigils from a battle. The closer the time the better I can see where these are coming from

Just take a screenshot prior to entering rooms, you only need to save it when the reward screen shows a haste scroll. :wink:
I’d do some testing myself, except that somebody seems to have misplaced all haste scrolls on our first ten or so tower levels. Random generation can be quite annoying, especially if it gifts you with piles of armor scrolls. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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On haste scrolls there is no shortage, I think we have had about 16 or so in 14 floors.
But on the other hand the fireball and heroism scrolls seem to be nonexistent. :frowning:
And strangely enough it hasn’t reoccurred…… until now… :slight_smile:

That’s another whole matter and indeed it’s getting annoying, second ToD in a row we get no heroism scrolls at all (ok, x now we are at floor 23, we got just 1 fireball and that is), floor 21 got astral and 22 the dumbfox, i passed both at first try, that’s not the point tho, crap like that shouldnt happen.

Doubt anyway will ever change lol.

Let me know if the information I provided was useful, if not, it would be good to have some more details :slight_smile:

29 sigils prior to Haste room that happened to also contain a Valraven, 31 sigils afterwards.
29 - 1 + 1 + 2 = 31, seems to be working correctly for me.

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