One of the best Tower of Doom floors I've ever seen!

Floor 31 we had Fireball scroll in Room 2, Unlock scroll in Room 3, Luck scroll in Room 4, Heroism scroll in Room 5, and a Haste scroll from the Boss! Truly an incredible floor. And because number of ravens is directly tied to the number of rooms you do, you’re also almost guaranteed to get a raven in one of those five rooms, if not two (I believe I got one at the first room and one in the last room!). I’ve never seen a floor like that.


Congrats, Ice! Always nice when the Gods of Gems smile upon thee :smiley:

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We had a floor with 3 Haste scrolls, but your straight beats 3 of a kind. I think. I haven’t played poker in years…

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I think some people view Haste scrolls as pointless because they only give 1 Sigil. In any other event, a Raven gives 2 sigils. So essentially, you’re spending a sigil to get a sigil, it does nothing more than that. But Haste scrolls are on top of Ravens. You could skip the room and have the same number of sigils. However, the reason you want to do Haste rooms is that the more rooms you do, the more ravens you’ll see, so Haste rooms actually help you get more ravens per sigil.

So 3 Haste scrolls is pretty nice, because at the end of doing those 3 rooms, you’ve come out with the same number of sigils from the rooms, but also probably 2 more sigils from doing those rooms. Had you skipped them all, you probably wouldn’t see a Raven as quickly.


I think I view Haste scrolls as superior to Fireball scrolls for that reason :relaxed:. You can’t get a Valraven when you use your Sigil returned in the form of a Fireball scroll, but you can with a Haste one.

Our Floor 25 was pretty nice, as well – Haste, Haste, Unlock, Luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We’ve seen haste/fireball/heroism/unlock but not the luck/fireball/heroism/unlock combo.

Although getting room 2 unlock when you know the others can’t be on that floor is nice so you don’t have to explore the rest of the floor…

How would you know the others can’t be possible?

I’m thinking just for the first 24 Floors, we’re all capped at 5 Luck scrolls, 3 Fireball and 1 Heroism, so if you’ve already found those, I guess the assumption is that it’s not worth scouting for anything else. I think an argument could be made for Haste scrolls, if everyone goes through them, but not a huge one.

Edit: Funny how everyone calls the first room, Room 2 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:. I mean, I get it, but I think using the II, III, IV, V
would make more sense, or rare/ur/epic/leg (more formally, ‘Room of the second rarity’, etc.). We just call it Room 1 :stuck_out_tongue:.


In the first 25 floors, we had the following:

Scroll #
Unlock 25
Haste 16
Luck 6
Fireball 3
Heroism 1
Boon 49
Forge 25
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Because there’s a pattern to the “RNG” for luck/fireball/heroism. It’s how the devs evened out ToD so 1 guild doesn’t get 5 heroism in the first 25 floors while another gets only 1.

I could have sworn we got 2 heroism in 1 floor once. Maybe I dreamed it lol.

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Nope - fireball follows a 3rd pattern similar to luck & heroism. I deciphered them for our guild family using 5 guilds worth of data over 2-3 ToD events. If you got the other 2, you can get fireball too :wink:

Its possible but only ages ago before the devs leveled the RNG by popular demand. I couldn’t tell you how long ago that was, but possibly up to a year ago at this point

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