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[Fixed] From the Depths Multiplier isn't working

From the official event brief it makes it sound like each individual battle is supposed to have a multiplier to the base amount.

But the screen of the event makes it look like there’s supposed to be an overall multiplier.

Otherwise why have two exact scores?

In it’s current state it would require every single guild member to buy at least Tier 7 based on the low amount of points awarded and high number required for the portal rewards. There’s a middle ground between Council of Chiefs and Festival of the sun. From the Depths is not it. It’s CoC all over again. The only difference this time you tried to outline what points are possible. When they currently aren’t. During CoC the variables weren’t shown but at least semi worked.


Actually no, the offical event brief means you get on average 1.8 times the lowest amount of eyes, e.g. 5 x 1.8 = 9 on average when doing Werebear battles. Each eye is worth 1 point, as shown in the score screen. The display is correct, it’s the event design itself that once again attempts to slip in a cleverly hidden 300% price hike for the same rewards. Not sure whether greedy or incompetent, possibly both.


You’re alleging that these numbers right above the clarifier is not the base amount?

Where exactly are you getting the base from then?
The 1.8 doesn’t sound like a fixed amount. It seems it could be 1.7 or 1.9 if it actually worked more than 1.7% of the time.

I think I hear you now.
That’s not actually happening.
Every time I do a Hydra or Xerodar battle I’m only getting the base amounts without multipliers.
So 10 and 20.
Are you getting higher numbers?

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“Base” means the lowest possible number in the range. Werebear has a range of 5 - 15, so base is 5. This doesn’t mean that you get 5 x 1.8 = 9 eyes each fight. It averages out to 9 eyes over a lot of fights, so after 10k Werebear battles you should have roughly 90k eyes.

Unless it’s not working. And it’s bugged. And is the reason why this thread exists in the first place.

You confused me with the
“Actually no”

Since at the best you’re arguing my phrasing or semantics… But agree on the actual point.

There isn’t any multiplier, just a bunch of possible results, like 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 for Xerodar.

Everybody seems to also be getting higher numbers, just not often. Which is to be expected, an average of 1.8 base with the given ranges guarantees that lower rewards will show up more often than higher rewards.

I have completed 10 fights and gotten the bare minimum every time. 8 for Gargoyle/Hex/Shaman, 10 for Hydra, 20 for Xerodar. Absolutely no variation. If the average multiplier is 1.8x, then it should be statistically impossible to get the bare minimum of 1x 10 times in a row. Impossible. This is not working as designed.

Something isn’t right. If you received more than the bare minimum on ANY fight, please post a screen shot.

I apparently accidentally choose a Werebear fight, but got 24 out of it.

I’ve also seen higher on Xerodar fights.

See a lot of 8s on the epic fights but maybe higher. I only started keeping track after I saw this topic.

Thank you for sharing, Voq.

Is it all that frequent though? In your opinion, is your average near the 1.8 mark over the course of the event so far?

Definitely lower than 1.8 so far.

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Here are data from my 40 fights (PS4):

#       avg     team        min         avg/min
1       5.0	werebear	5	1.00
6	8.0	gargoyle	8	1.00
6	10.7	hex-rat	        8	1.33
10	9.6	shaman	        8	1.20
9	11.7	hydra	        10	1.17
8	21.3	xerodar	        20	1.06
40				        1.13  total

Thanks Voq and Pedro. Hopefully this is something that can be fixed. The 1.8 average is clearly not working as intended.

Considering the devs’ behavior during Council of Chiefs, I wouldn’t count on anything getting fixed. The devs’ don’t fix their mistakes anymore, unless it involves real money, and even then they take a week about it.



far away from 1.8… now, it’s a relatively small data pool, but still… have done half of all my battles for this week. I would expect to get a result close to the average for the week…

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Because the scoring screen is modular. The yellow score is the grand total, while the white scores are each individual modular component of the yellow score. In this specific event, there is only one scoring component, so the lone white score will always equal the yellow grand total score.

I’m inclined to agree. Just this time time, the two scoring components have been merged into one.

Hrmm… except maybe Salty is right.

To me, after looking at the threads on this topic this morning, some critical context is missing.


A Mystic Eye is worth 1 point, and each battle drops a variable number of eyes (on average about 1.8x the base amount).

On average over what? We’re missing this critical piece of information.

Over an average of guild-wide Tier 4 purchases across the week?
Over an average of guild-wide Tier 6 purchases across the week, and played optimally?
Over an average of guild-wide 2x Tier 7 purchases across the week, and played optimally?

Also, at what guild-wide purchase levels, at optimal play, is a 1.8 average ratio even sufficient to clear the event?

I believe Salty is technically right with her statement. We don’t have the correct context in which to evaluate the data point she gave us.


Anecdotally, I seem to remember from the Council of Chiefs event that scoring became better at high - very high (I want to say 200+, scaling slowly higher after that) levels.

Did anyone else experience higher scoring at very high levels in the Council of Chiefs event?

No matter how you spin it, looking at what values me and my guildies got so far, the math shows that everybody should be buying to tier 6 minimum, and pray for good RNG with valravens… And this seems to be consistent with what I’ve seen other people posting on the forums…
So that 1.8 is irrelevant in the bigger picture. And things are still clear as mud, just like for the council of chiefs event… Aren’t we glad that the feedback was taken into consideration?


Where is the official event brief? How is the scoring system supposed to work?