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Some goofs in Russian translation

  1. “Strigik” was not fixed yet - it is the first unit in alphabetical order, while it must be in “S” (“С” cyrillic).

  2. “Doom of…” was translated like “Беда…” That’s such a pity that your translators do not know Russian well enough. (On the other hand, they make me giggle each time I switch to Russian localization.) I’d propose something like “Гибельный…” (“Гибельный лёд”, “Гибельный камень”, “Гибельная тьма” etc.)

  3. “Alderfather” was translated as “Отец Ольха”>But “ольха” is definitely feminine in Russian, you’d better to choose some masculine tree, like “вяз”, or “кедр”, or “орех”, or “тополь”.

The general rule for localization must be: “Do not try to be literal every time”.