List of Russian translation mistakes

There are so SO many that it will take me DAYS to write the full list so I will be updating this as I go through every screen there is.

Let’s start with TROOPS because this is where I got most of my facepalm concussions from. (Poor Abynissia, I can’t! But I’m getting ahead of myself)


Показать: Показать собственность

  1. There is no need to write Показать twice. Once is enough.
  2. Показать собственность while understandable sounds very very awkward. Better just call this option Доступные (available) or Имеющиеся (owned)

Uhm. No. That’s NOT how you use that word. It makes no sense in this context. It should have been Недоступные (unavailable).or Отсутствующие (absent, unowned)

The wrong word again. What you meant to call this sorting filter is Сортировка (sorting) or Упорядочить (set order).

Base Rarity can be translated as Исходная Редкость

Оборона is a direct translation of “defense”, yes, but what it means is armor so why not just call it Броня (armor). You have a sorting order by Life so why not? That makes more sense to me anyway. (In English as well as Russian).

Эффект заклинания / Spell Effect
(By the way there is a bug with changing spell effect options. When I click the right arrow I only get “All”, “Enrage”, and “Explode Gems” options and that’s it. But when I click the left arrow I get everything BUT enrage and explode gems. So I’m starting from the END of the list)

  • Трансформирует to make it distinctly different from Трансформирует камни (Convert gems) it should have been called Превращает(ся) (Transform/transform self, and yes, that’s how you spell it, brackets and all)

  • Создает ману in this particular case better call it Генерирует ману (generate mana), it’s more precise.

  • Создает карты сокровищ sounds awkward and wrong. Добывает карты сокровищ (procure/obtain treasure maps) would sound better in Russian,

  • Same goes for Создает души and Создает золото (generate souls and gold). It should be Добывает души and Добывает золото.

  • Порядок войск (troops order) sounds incomplete and therefore not clear enough. Меняет порядок войск (change troop order) is much clearer.

  • В Гневе should have been Разгневать(ся) (Enrage/Enrage self)

A random question. Why does Aziris’s spell fall under Create gems and not Convert gems when he transforms a chosen gem into a skull?


Everything trait-related is here:

Вид/Troop Type

(btw I can’t use the right arrow at all here. Only the left one.)

Construct = Конструкт or Конструкция or Сооружение (Конструкт sounds better to me tho and I’m using it in the traits translations)
Wargare = Волколак (not a werewolf! Werewolf is a troop that turns into a villager and it is not even a wargare)
Merfolk = Морской народ (it’s better than морские жители and more consistent with wildfolk translation)


  • Гульвания / Ghulvania. I’ve noticed you tend to translate names by their meanings and not just write an English word with Cyrillic letters so this choice puzzles me. Ghulvania kinda mixes the words Ghoul and Transylvania. But the thing is that Гуль (Ghul) is not a word in Russian. That’s a noise you make to get pigeons’ attention (if you want to talk to pigeons, that is). So in the context of a dark-ish vampire kingdom that sounds absolutely ridiculous. Ghoul can be translated as Вурдалак (pronounced Voo-rr-dah-LAHK) and so the kingdom itself can be named Вурдалакия (Vurdalakia). And while we’re losing the -vania part we’re at least preserving our dignity!

  • Зул’Кари / Zhul’Kari. The way you spelled it with ZH suggests that in Cyrillic that would be Жул’Кари.

  • Зыбучие Пески / Drifting Sands. Зыбучие is not Drifting! It’s quicksand! Quicksand kinda involves water and Drifting Sands are very very dry and desert-y! Why didn’t you just call it Блуждающие Пески? Because that’s what this name means.

  • Казиел / Khaziel. You can’t imagine how I cringe reading this word after having Khaziel as my home kingdom for the entirety of the game! The way you spelled it in English suggests to me as a Russian person that the Cyrillic version of it would look like Хазиль or Хазиэль (depending on how you pronounce the “ziel” part. as ZEEL or as ZEE-EL). Starting with Х (it’s a hhh sound like in home/house/horse/hair; English speakers always spell our names that start with H like KH. It’s time for payback! ;)), and with a soft L at the end. Believe me! It looks MUCH better that way!

  • Кетар/Khetar. Same here. The KH thing suggests that with Cyrillic letters it would be Хетар Tho in this case Кетар might fly if you really really, like really insist on it.

  • Отравленные Земли / Blighted Lands. Отравленные means poisoned. What those lads are though, is cursed, ruined, corrupted, defiled. That would be either Проклятые Земли (cursed) or Скверные Земли (corrupted, unholy, foul). Both would work much better imo!

  • Черная Метка / Blackhawk. I’m confused. Hawk is a bird, right? Then why would you translate it as Black Spot? Yeah, it’s more pirate-like that way but the kigdom’s bird sigil makes little sense that way. Blackhawk is Черный Ястреб.

  • Шипящий Туман / Mist of Scales. Шипящий is hissing. Not that I object much. I mean, nagas are snakes and all. But that’s not how the kingdom is called. The literal translation is Чешуйчатый Туман although that is a bit of a mouthful. It can just be Змеиный Туман (Mist of Snakes, sorta). Or you can leave it as is if you like it better. This is one of those cases where the literal translation doesn’t really sound very well.

That would wrap it up for the filters. Coming up next… ALL THE TROOPS, their names, spells, descriptions etc. Oh, this will take very long, indeed.


Abhorath’s spell:
Not исцеляет (heals someone else) but исцеляется (heals self). And, again, not дает (gives to someone else), but получает (gains) so it would be: Удаляет все камни. Полностью исцеляется и получает 20 ед. атаки.

The spell makes it extremely unclear whose armor boosts the spell effect! Better say it like: “…усиленного показателем своей брони. Поджигает…”

Дает души sounds kinda awkward. Better call it Добывает души: 24

The side text says “Она одна из…” and in this case it sounds better if you omit она and just say Одна из
Btw ОСИНО-вателей, that’s nice! :smiley:

The description text: “…побольше гулять” doesn’t mean what the translator thought it meant. What it should have been is почаще выгуливать

This is getting repetitive. Not дает! …получает 6 маны

<…to be added soon…>

Desdaemona’s name. Oh dear… It is spelled “Bezdemona” and I guarantee you 200% that every Russian person, including the 5 year-olds that aren’t supposed to know such words yet, is pronouncing it Peezdemona. Because Bez and Peez syllables sound very very similar in Russian and because… Any person with any decent knowledge of Russian will know what it means. For those who don’t know Russian at all… peezda is a word for cnt. So what the translator did there is called the troop Cnt-mona. I truly hope that was an honest mistake born of ignorance and not malice.
Why wound they need to be creative with her name to begin with? Just leave it as is, Дездемона (Dezdemona). It has the word демон / demon in it so why change it at all?
Btw Bezdemona if translated back to English literally means Demonless-mona. But she is a daemon herself! However you look at it it is an EXTREMELY poor choice of a name!

Abynissia’s name… It is even worse than Desdy’s. The translator called her Bezdonia. Again, Bez and Peez sound very similar and because here we also have an O after D that sounds even MORE like peezda. I have no words to express how utterly grossed out I was and still am by this choice! This is totally unacceptable!
I know where it must have come from. Бездна / Beznda is Russian for Abyss. But the translator should have seen what they had turned that word into!

As to how to call her. @TheRedBadge and I, we like Бездная / Bezdnaya. It is a small tweak but because there is no vowel after D it instantly stops sounding like peezda and brings up the name’s real meaning.
@KnifeHunter thinks you can just leave it as it is in the English version, Абиниссия. It would make no sense to those who don’t know English but at least there would be no chance of fail.
There is also Пропастия / Propastia (propast’ is another word for abyss) but it doesn’t sound very pretty.
And also Навия / Navia. Nav’ is the Underworld in Russian folklore but unfortunately not many Russian people know this so it might be confusing to some… This makes me very sad tbh.

In any case ANY of those options will be immensely better than what it is right now!

Ooh, I’ve just thought of one more! Адесса / Adessa (Ад is hell in Russian, and everyone knows it). I think I like it even more than Beznaya. Gonna go tell TheRedBadge and write to KnifeHunter, mb they’ll change their opinion, too!
Red says he likes Beznaya for the meaning but he like the sound of Adessa more.
Knife says it sounds too much like Odessa (both the city and the name, which I was kinda aiming for but he doesn’t like it) so he still prefers Abynissia. Or at least just Бездна / Bezdna (Abyss), with no alteration to the word, or Безднесса / Bezdnessa (it’s a tongue twister for sure but Knife likes it for its epicness).

Edited: I’VE JUST THOUGHT OF ANOTHER OPTION!! Инферна (Inferna). I think it’s the best one! :smiley:


Edited I have moved everything trait-related here:

Name and descriptions:

Misc things:
gem counter


I pray this is satire.

@Salibu Why? Is there something wrong with my post? I am being absolutely serious here.


Oh…ok…well than have at it.

@Salibu I don’t understand. Is it wrong that I’m doing this? Is this a waste of time? Am I wrong about what I think the fails are?

Is Russian actually released now? Last time this text was available, it was a mistake. Was there some announcement I missed?

@Lyya Russian translation was released alongside the “Russian” kingdom of Urskaya


I don’t think it is a complete waste of time.
When the first translations have been released 2 years ago, it has been a huge disaster in all the languages.
Many players had posted the mistakes they had found, just like you did, and the devs have fixed a lot of them. Not all of them and there were too many to make an inventory of all, but still they corrected many mistakes.
Nevertheless what has really improved the french translation has been when a player, @Archenassa, has started to help with it. Unfortunately there seem to be quite a few mistakes and weird things remaining.
I don’t know how they are working on the translations now, but your post can surely help.


@Aelthwyn thank you for reassuring me! I’ve spent a lot of time writing just this tiny bit and now I have an incentive to continue.
And I would love to be able to help with the translation!


Does the Russian language have different dialects?

The reason I ask is…if they do then isn’t it possible that the source of the language is a different dialect than yours? Which could possibly translate differently.

@EmsDad15 no. Not at all. Some jargon and the use of the most vulgar words might be different in different regions but otherwise it’s a very solid language.

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Learned something new. Thank you.

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As I understand, there are absolutely dialects that appear in everyday speech. Usually there’s a North/South divide when talking about the differences in dialect. You would also run into problems if you’re speaking with someone outside Russia as the former Soviet countries tend to have some differences. But, as I understand it, this is all generally only manifest in speech/vernacular. There’s definitely a “proper” or “Moscow” or “literary” form of the written language that should’ve been followed for these translations.

Also, I applaud the effort to improve the translations! The one thing I noticed in the criticisms is that not everything needs to be translated directly. It’s okay if their are differences in meaning as long as it still makes sense, particularly if it’s an in-game term like a kingdom name or a concept like “Jinx”.


This is what I thought. It’s like this everywhere I’ve ever lived. And that’s also why I asked. Since I’ve never even been to Russia. So I wouldn’t know.

@Delinquent Sure there are differences in how ppl pronounce some words, but I wound call it accents, not dialects. The words are the same and the meanings are the same.

Yeah, sometimes literal translation doesn’t fit at all! Especially with words that have more than one definition!

And thank you! I really appreciate it that you think it’s a worthy cause. :smiley:

I just think fixing russian spellings should/would be tge last thing they care about.

@Salibu I’m not saying that they should drop everything and run to fix the Russian version. It IS something the devs should be aware of tho! Because some of the mistakes are HORRIBLE. Like the Abynissia fail that I haven’t yet gotten around to mentioning in the post. They called her what is essentially pronounced in Russian as cnt-ssia. Same with Desdaemona. They called her cnt-mona. This is NOT okay!

I am NOT kidding here in case you’re wondering.

I don’t know what kind of person had translated the game and I’m glad I’ll never meet them in person. For their sake…


This is why i thought your crticisms are satire. They tried to do something nice and your basically giving the…
“Hold me back” or “if we met in a dark alley theyd be sorry”.

So they made some mistakes…your making this sound like someones life was taken.

If I were the devs, I’d be grateful for committed fans of the game that were willing to take their time to give detailed feedback like this. It’s thorough and informative and not overly critical. Hopefully, they’ll be able to use the information to make the game better. Nice work! Keep it up.


I think the effort and explanations you have given will be very useful to the devs. I’m sure they will appreciate it.