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Localization, localization and more Localization

Hello guys, @Saltypatra, @Kafka

I know that I am bugging you for the Russian localization a lot, but I think there’s a lack of spirit and cultural part in the translations.

For example: Approaching Delve - Tinker Town - translated as “City of Handymen” or “Craftsman”, however for “Tinker” we have a perfect name - “Мастеровой” and we have the cultural idiom - “Город Мастеров”, those who know Russian will agree with me.

As for the up-up-coming delve - “Eldrazhor” - the Russian translation cuts the ear because the last part of the name reminds of “to eat something, to fress”, however in the Sister Kingdom - Zhul’Kari this awful “zh” was very well concealed. Maybe it is better to save the pronunciation for both - call Eldrazhor “Эльдразор” - believe me, it sounds much, much better than the one you have now.