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Again, Purple Value Missing

And the localization is still disgusting. This is my last feedback to DEV. In the future, I’ll only tell players who want to play this game how bad the translation of it is. Good for you, DEV.


Many of us have been trying for years to get them to clean up their Translations act and process, to no avail: we get more excuses than actual actions, and therefore your best hope is indeed to lower your expectations and advice others to do the same.
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@Saltypatra, @Kafka

Why are you doing no relevant actions to address this issue?

Let us know.


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Not complaining so much about the translation, but the fact that it is missing an important bit of purple text makes it quite unplayable. Translation is one thing, but even leaving out the formula-driven purple text value?

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Some games purposely cheap out on translations so they can claim they support all these languages. The goal is more to hook new players who are looking for a game in their language, and once hooked, switch them to the english version since it is such a common second language.

Is that happening here? Dunno. Seems it though.

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Well, that thing wont work for many languages, which are more complicated than english.

Example: no game can be properly machine-translated from english to polish. Unless you want your game to look like all text were written by brain-damaged caveman… (that’s how most google translate results look and it’s still a milestone improvement than years ago)

And since GoW isn’t trying to do that , guess it’s not this issue…