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SOLVED: Not Getting Full Mana for Auto Match of Created Gems

I’m seeing this with one particular weapon, but I’m assuming it happens with all. I’ve got a team with Rowanne (blue/green) and I’m using the Emerald Tear (creates 5 green gems) as a backup method of giving her mana. My Green Gem Mastery is 277 with a Surge chance of 59%. I’m currently using the Trident Banner (Blue++, Green+, Yellow-). When I do normal 3-matches, Rowanne tends to get 5 or 6 mana. But, when I use that Emerald Tear and it makes a 3-match (apparently), she only gets 2 mana. Are auto-matched gems that are created (not exploded or destroyed) somehow not supposed to get our Gem Mastery bonus? But, even if that’s true, shouldn’t she be getting at least 3 mana?

EDIT: I’ve changed my Banner to the Occularan (Green++, Blue+, Brown-) and see the same behavior. The only difference is her manual matches tend to get 1 more mana.

I assume you have your Emerald Tear fully upgraded? Look at Affix #9, Elven.


What does that mean, exactly? Can you add a few screenshots to illustrate? :slight_smile:

A few things to note here. First, on gem mastery. The only thing gem mastery affects is mana surge chance - every time you match gems, there’s a chance to get double the mana (mana surge) and that increases as your gem mastery increases. It does not apply to exploded or removed gems.

Second, Emerald Tear. Have you upgraded it? As Grundulum pointed out, its final upgrade is “Give all green allies 2 mana”, which happens when you cast the weapon spell. If you have upgraded it, then Rowanne (a green/blue troop) should receive 2 mana every time you cast the weapon, even if no gems matches are made.
The main spell creates 5 gems and, if those gems line up in a gem match (3 or more in a row), the gem match happens and you should get as much mana as with a regular gem match.

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Thanks for the replies. Yes, the weapon is fully upgraded. And, I think that’s what I’m seeing: it’s got to be the “give all green allies 2 mana” upgrade that’s doing it. There’s so much happening on screen that I couldn’t actually see a match. So, I assumed it and shouldn’t have. Again, thanks to both of you. I’m marking this solved.