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4x-match = no mana surge

I’ve been playing GoW for awhile, but noticed it only recently:

When I match 5 gems I ALWAYS get a mana surge.
When I match 4 gems I NEVER get a mana surge.

It wasn’t important or noticeable before, but as skill numbers grow and the chances for mana surges become tangible (like 50%), I started to make some tactics relying on them. And now to my surprise I find that sometimes 3x-matches are more beneficial than 4x ones.

So was it always like this? Or was it changed by some patch?
Is it by design or a bug?

just curious.

and sorry if it was discussed before, searched new forum - found nothing, and I’m not going to search through the old one :smirk:

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As far as I know, it’s by design. You get an extra turn in exchange
for the potential mana loss, so in my opinion it balances out.

I had no idea; thanks for letting us know. Still I’d rather get the extra turn.