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I'm confused --Mana, Masteries and mana surge

I read Archenassa’s Guide to Mana, Masteries, Mana Surge & Magic and still confused - especially - the math :slight_smile:

Baring no crazy stuff from the other team - here’s the details

Yellow Mana Surge - 53% / Mastery 155
Blue Mana Surge - 49% / Mastery 133
Hero - Using Soul Blade 12 (Yellow/Blue)
Magic - 14
Using Sword Banner + 1 Blue and + 1 Yellow when matching gems

Without Mana surge

On match 3 blue I should get 4 Blue
On match 3 yellow I should get 4 Yellow

On match 4 - I should get 5 of what color I matched (be it yellow or blue)

With Mana surge the math should look like this 3gemmatch + Mana surge +1flag bonus

Now why I am asking is; it seems since I just upped one of my kingdoms to 10 (+1 magic skill) it is taking longer to charge on 3 match (I just did three games just to make sure I am not screwing up somehow).

It took me 5 rounds in the beginning to get to 12 now with some going over to the troop that uses yellow or blue. (Once the game takes off I can’t tell exactly because of the sharing of Mana with mana surges).

I’m going to keep an eye on this but something changed - I could power up within 3-4 turns sometimes even 2 turns(with the mana surges)

Any thoughts of how I can monitor this …it seems odd.

Hm, there should be an option to make the mana amount visible in the settings panel.

It looks like this 5/12.

In addition to banners, there might also be a trait that gives you additional +1 mana point per gem match.

5-gem matches always proc mana surge.

Hope this helps.

edit: increasing magic has no effect on collecting mana, magic is used for spells (be it dmg, or number of gems spawned or whatever it does)

Like @Nextreme said, there are traits that increase mana gained by +1 for any specific color (fire link, water link, nature link etc.) If you changed your team you might be missing a Link-trait that you had in your earlier team.

Also, the enemy team might have a Jinx trait which would decrease your masteries to 50%, thus smaller chance for a mana surge.