[SOLVED. NOT BUG] Math bug on levelling troops

The math to upgrade the troops are not working as expected.

Platform, device version and operating system
Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1, Intel Core i5 2500k, 8 GB

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I was going to upgrade my troop and I found the upgrade prices are not making sense. If I have a troop on level 1 and I want to upgrade it to level 9, the cost is about 680. But if I have a troop level 4 and I want to upgrade it, the cost is about 690. The screenshots are examples but any troop I want to upgrade keeps the same wrong math. A level 1 troop upgrades to level 9 costing 690 but the same troop at level 4 costs the same 690 instead of 690 minus level 4 cost. It is not the result expected. The result expected is 690 - level 4 cost. It is a crazy math. I think it is a bug because if it is not I don’t want to play this game, certainly.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It happens always you try to upgrade a troop

Steps to make it happen again
Go to troop, click on a troop and try to upgrade the troop’s level

These numbers depend on the troop base rarity. Acolyte is Rare, and Nyx is Ultra-Rare, that’s why Nyx requires more souls for leveling.


It happens with all troops, not only because of rarity. The cost to upgrade level from 1 to level 9 is 690. This cannot be the same as from level 8 to level 9. It makes no sense.

Can you post screenshots showing that?

I think there might be some confusion here. The third screenshot in both series shows the customized level 9 cost, which is the total to get from your current level to level 9, so it will be the same as the Highest Level Affordable, because it totals the amount needed. The actual cost for levels 8-9 is in the 200-300 range depending on rarity.

Also the cost for a Rare to go from level 1 - 9 is 680 (this is correct) and it just so happens that that cost for an Ultra-Rare to go from 4-9 is 690 (this is also correct). It just so happens that these two numbers are extremely similar.

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@noob I already posted. The Nyx is level 4, to upgrade to level 9 costs 690. Acolyte is level 1, to upgrade to level 9 is 680. I don’t want to post every single troop to compare. Just go to troops and see the costs of upgrade a troop level 1 and compare to other troop.

Your screenshots show 2 troops with different rarity hence different cost to level up. I want to see the cost discrepancy from the same troop

I started to play only 3 days ago. How do I know the rarity of a troop?

In the troop menu, click on that troop/upgrade/disenchant. It shows the troop’s current and base rarity. Base rarity is what determines the soul cost. Higher base rarity means higher cost

On the new screenshots both troops are common. Is the cost correct?

Giant toad costs 625 to level from 1 to 9
Dwaven gate costs 525 from 5 to 9
I dont see anything wrong with them

If they’re both level 1 they will both cost 625 to upgrade to level 9

The Dwarven Gate is already Level 5 while the Gaint toad is still lvl 1 that should explain the different cost.

Ok. Thank you all for the explanations. I think the tutorial could show more information about prices and rarity.