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[NOT A BUG BUT REPORTED] Bug with today's daily troop deal

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC/Steam/Win 10 Pro

There were two errors with this troop

  1. I already have this troop at mythic with 4,510 copies

  2. Power Level 22 isn’t even achievable yet for Mist of Scales (only 30 troops)…

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“Working as intended”


I’ve seen this before on other posts and the “issue” is that the troop isn’t Elite Level Bronze. It is a bug in that the game should recognize that extra copies of that troop won’t raise its elite level, but the game probably checks “which of this person’s troops could be upgraded to increase their power level” and came up with that.

Ideally, daily offers should:

  • Only give offers for kingdoms whose next power level is achievable.
  • Recognize that elite levels cannot be solved with extra copies of a given troop (offer medals instead?)

This might be skewed for end-game players but if they want you to spend gems (which makes sense since the more gems you spend, the more gems you might need to buy and this end up spending more money in-game), they should give offers that are enticing and useful to that player.

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This issue has been marked multiple times now as a known issue. The issue is not a bug, but a flaw/oversight with the Daily Deals system with kingdom Power levels over 20 in its current implementation.

Given that the issue hasn’t been fixed yet, it likely requires a client update to fix and that means 5.3. And as 5.3 has not yet reached public beta yet, it is going to be a while before this issue gets fixed.

There will be a client update next month before Christmas. I don’t know if you consider that a while or not. But I guarantee it.