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[KKNOWN] Bug daily deal offer

I got offered a troop that is already upgraded to myth in the daily deals, happened for the first time. Logged in from steam today.

You probably got Mist of Scales up to Power Level 19 or 20…

It’s a known issue -> game offers common troops instead of offering medals for “upgrade X troops to elite with medals”

Best way to stop seeing this would be to medal X troops to elite.

Generaly speaking kingdom offers for Power Levels 20 and up, aren’t designed well (or at all)


Thx for providing this info. Yes, my Mist of Scales reached Power Level 21.

It’s a known issue from players perspective but devs still refuse to recognize it as an issue. The more bug reports like this will be created, the better chance is that they will finally admit it as an issue.


Came here to say this

Just got MoS up to 21 yesterday or the day before and was offered a troop I already had at mythic months and months ago in my daily deals.

I’m aware devs are aware as well, but I also get offers for class XP for kingdoms that are locked 3 different ways, ingots despite having all weapons aside from doomed hammers/books maxed, chaos shards and diamonds daily no matter how many times I ignore them, and medals despite having hundreds of each (besides Nysha and Anu, which are never offered).

I’ve seen 3 vault keys, a handful of pets that almost immediately dried up, and maybe 10 orbs that weren’t the single minor wisdom orb nobody will ever, ever buy. I’ve purchased every single one of them to try to “up the rates” of better deals to no avail. I’m VIP11 so I see 3x/day.

I haven’t been doing my arena rerolls as it has rerolled twice into offers that were up for me that day and that left a sour taste in my mouth so I lost interest.

I really hope they fix these at some point in the near future, I used to get excited opening up the shop first thing in the morning. Now I just forget about it until it pushes itself in front of whatever I’m actually trying to do like those super amazing $5 epic weapons for kingdoms about to come up in the campaign to save 75 diamonds or the $2 pets I’m 23 copies away from.

Not realy true…


Seriously calm down people, issue is known and i probably in the backlog, below some more important issues.
You need to understand that unless issue:

  • is making game unplayable
  • is creating some unintended game inbalance (like campaign exclusive troops being added to chests drops to early)

it will take some time to have it fixed… and sometimes it wont be fixed for very long -> like weapon affixes issue… know issue, added to backlog, but being moved back in priority line whenever more urgent issues are on the table

and again, today another myth troop of mist of scales in the offer for me

can some dev fix this minor issue by temporarily disabling offers for kingdoms above level (I don’t know…) 20? - or whenever this bug occurs at first? can’t be to hard to disable it for a while until it is possible to be fixed or known what causes it…

I’m aware this isn’t happening to too many people, since not too many players reached such points ingame, but is it therefore only a “minor bug”? I don’t think so tbh.

seriosuly, if you’re unable to fix something like that quickly, or provide a quick workaround by temp disabling it is really a sad situation - especially if this bug is known for quite some time. unreal…


I’m not at that point yet (Mist of Scales 21 stars). But I have a task to Upgrade 6 Ghulvania weapons for kingdom stars. I got offered Epic and Legendary Ingots lately. That I don’t need.
I’m Missing Wall of Oblivion and the epic that costs 5 dollars. My weapon that needs to be upgraded is Doomed Scythe. And there’s no forge scrools in the offer.
I would rather to have pet offers for the kingdoms I need instead, but I take it as an opportunity to save some gems.


I am thinking…the game offers yet-to-be-elite’d troops in these daily offers but the game program doesn’t understand number of copies does not medal the troop. :man_shrugging:


probably a misunderstood concept at some point… or a flaw at preparing daily offers.
IMO, to make it optimal, it should do a short check:

check lowest rarity troops that isn’t medaled to elite -> give a medal offer of same rarity to player (sooo, you’d basicaly get offered Gaard or Yasmine medals)

Also add this condition to the piece of daily offers code…

if there is a “Not Achievable Yet” attribute to any of the tasks in raising power level, do not even bother to check that kingdom to offer daily deals.



pease let me know if medaling 5 troops to elite bronze really helps keep the offers away. because I’m only getting daily deal offers with troops I don’t need for this kingdom since I posted this thread. it seems all other kingdoms have been magically erased from existence…

gow devs doing gow dev things -.-

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I just burned the rest of my souls I was sitting on putting medals on troops to remove that as a possibility. I’ll be back if they keep showing up but that does sound like a good possible reason they were showing up daily.

@icy Done. Let’s see until tomorrow reset if the game still thinks I can upgrade Mist of Scales further.


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These are the offers that I got on day ONE after medaling troops in MoS.


These are the offers that I got on day TWO after medaling in MoS.


Someone reply please. I wouldn’t be able to post more than 3 consecutive posts in a thread.




I bronze medaled 5 troops like 25 days ago, never got that middle troop offer since then. So yes it works. Better than waiting for a fix


jpraveensn thank you for trying that approach and your replies!

Luceo thank you for confirming all that.

At least the playerbase isn’t incompetent and uncaring. :wink: It is not the best workaround to have, but at least it is working to at least temp-solve this problem. I’m glad that the community helped me with my questions.

Topic has to remain open. Problem isn’t fixed by devs.


Good. We tricked the AI, lol. :wink:

Thanks @icy for the post and others for helping in testing this out. I’d say this works even though the sample size is not huge.

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Something weird happened today, as it was the first time I got another offer (oracle class favor -> divinion fields). But I didn’t medal 5 troops to bronze.