~~Solophobia~~ Rank 17: [1 spot] Come join this great family! 40k seals, 15+ LT's weekly! Bracket 3-5 GW


Looking for 2 players willing to join, Solophobia has two friendly spots availible! Contact me here or on discord.


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We are still looking for a couple players interested, Message me here or on discord!


Hello im active mobile Player lvl 603 and im looking for active guild who is doing guild task. If you wanna me invite IQNACY_TWZR


I pm’d you


We still have a couple open spots availible if anyones interested! :smiley: Contact me here, pm or on discord @Strawn#7589


Hey guys! Open spots availible if interested shoot a pm here or on discord @Strawn#7589


Still open spots get them now! :slight_smile:


I am interested in a spot. level 1000+ and the minimums are not a problem


Hello I sent a pm! :slight_smile:


Hello we are looking for one player! If interested, contact me here or on discord @Strawn#7589


Solophobia is looking for one player! if anyone’s interested, message me on discord @Strawn#7589 or here.


Hey Id like join in your guild. The requirement it isnt a problem for my. My Invite code is: SCHU_11H4


We will be having a member taking a break for a bit, means we will have an open spot if anyone’s interested! Shoot me a dm, or message me on discord @Strawn#7589


Hey Everyone! Solophobia does have an open spot, if interested just pm here or send a message to me on discord @Strawn#7589


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Full! If anyone is interested in the future please be sure to contact me :slight_smile: Thank you!


One open spot availible if anyone’s interested, pm here or discord @ Strawn#7589 Thanks :slight_smile:


Solophobia will be having an open spot availible! If you are interested, shoot me a message here or on discord @Strawn#7589


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