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~~Solophobia~~ Rank 17: [1 spot] Come join this great family! 40k seals, 15+ LT's weekly! Bracket 3-5 GW

The home of Solophobia, is looking for one active player, (500+ level would be more of what we are looking for) it may be you!

-> What the guild gives you,

  • We give you full rewards from all tasks, (usually done Monday within hours)
    40k seals each week.
  • We do 15+ Legendaries Tasks each week.
  • Active members daily, willing to communicate. Give you a fun time to chat, discuss whatever you may want. (We have our own discord server, if interested ask for the link!)
  • We are currently in Bracket 4 in Guild Wars, We do try to stick in between Brackets 2-5. We don’t ask for perfect scores, we only ask to try and participate, as we have no reqs on sentinels or scores. Just try your best!
    We ask to just use free sigils in events & participation.
    League Rank 17!
    (We make top 15-20 in trophies weekly (most weeks) as we’re progressing and keeping steady pace as a top guild!
    -> What you give us:
  • At Least our minimum reqs of 300k 300t 1500s Weekly. (Minimums if you’re busy or something happens)
    (As most of us do WELL over reqs, as we look for someone that can do more!)
  • Daily War, Participation.
  • Be active in chats, Guild chat, or our Discord server. (Preferred and suggested)

If anyone has any questions, or is interested, shoot a pm! :smiley: or add me on Discord my user is @Strawn7589


Hey all, we sorted things out, and things worked out. If anyones interested in the future, PM me :smiley:


One spot available, if anyones interested contact me anyway :slight_smile:


We have an opening, if anyone’s interested let me know :smiley:

Bad dad jokes included free.


STRAWN!!! Hey it’s Headless from Tacet’s chat. I’m at work atm, but I’m totally interested in joining your guild.
Lemme just tell you what I average every week, and if I cut the mustard, I’ll download Discord (my current guild uses Line), and officially apply.

I’m just over level 665
I get all 1500 seals every week
I average around 1.2-1.5M gold (the week I went to Texas to help I think I still got over 1M)
I’m at 522 trophies so far this week. (sorry, I’ve never actually kept track of my average on this)

I like the guild I’m currently in, but I’m one of only 2 people in the guild over lvl 300, and I’m one of the only people that speaks English only in the guild. So I tend to feel out of the loop. Plz let me know if I’m Solo-worthy.

Thank you for your time,

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Spots open if anyones interested! Contact me anyway, or pm ! :smiley:

if you guys are still looking im lvl 600+ and minimums will be no problem

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invite code carnrikejesse

I have spots open! Pm me! Or contact by anyway! :slight_smile:

Come join us! :slight_smile: ^^^^^^

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The position has been full filled! :slight_smile:

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Yes …Come join us!! :slight_smile: :smile:

We will have an open slot on Sunday, if anyones interested please Pm! :smiley:

I’m lonely and love cuddling with puppies and watching old dr who.

We can help you feel not as lonely :innocent:

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Come join us!!! :slight_smile:

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We are looking for 1! If anyones interested PM me here, or on Discord @ Strawn#7589

Looking for a solid player for Sunday! If interested, Pm here, can hit me on discord @ Strawn#7589

Need one, get the spot before it’s gone! If interested pm or message me on discord @ Strawn#7589