~~Solophobia~~ Rank 17: [1 spot] Come join this great family! 40k seals, 15+ LT's weekly! Bracket 3-5 GW


One spot open! get it now! :slight_smile:


One spot will be opening for this Sunday! Grab it now while you can! Pm me here, or hit me on discord @ Strawn#7589 :smiley:


Still an opening. Get it while it’s still open! :relieved:


Hi! I am currently in a mostly inactive guild. I actually got promoted to leader as it seems the three most active players all took turns.

I am looking for a more competitive guild… are you still in gw brackets 1-3? That would be awesome if you are!

I am over level one-thousand. Typically, I play pvp to level one and all guild war matches every week. After that, I may explore, pvp, do the weekly event for gems. I do contribute as much gold as possible thoughout the week.

Currently, I already contributed my gold for this week, so I won’t have much right now.

If your spot is still open, and I am considered, please allow me some time (likely a few minutes) to resign and promote a new leader prior; howver, I do play this mobile (phone and tablet), so I don’t know if discord would work on here.

Thank you and good luck!!


Hey @Tokhein ! Thanks for your time and interest! Would you like to chat more about a few things if you don’t mind. yes discord is an free app for the phone as well, all of us use it. If you can maybe download and add me there. we can chat further into this :slight_smile:


awesome!! will do!


1 spot is currently available, in need of one! If interested, Pm or can get to me by discord! Info is above! Thanks :smiley:


Open spot still available, get it now! :slight_smile:


We are now full for this coming week, if anyone’s interested in the future be sure to shoot and Pm, here or discord! Infos above ^ :slight_smile: thanks!


Hello, I’m looking for an independent guild , if my profile grabs your interest please contact me Marsha_32
#2911, so we can talk about it . level 1306 ,2000 + trophies ,interested in GW


We will be having an open spot! If anyone’s interested, lmk as soon as possible, thanks :slight_smile:


We have an open spot if anyone wants to join us, If interested can contact me here and pm’s also easier to reach me @ discord - Strawn#7589


Spot is filled,

Also, A open spot coming at the end of this week. If anyones interested, Pm me here or just add me on discord @ Strawn#7589


One spot will be available for this Sunday, if anyone’s interested :slight_smile:


We will be having 2 open spots! If anyone’s interested in a great, helpful, fun, good people, top tier guild let me know :slight_smile:


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One spot will be available this Sunday! If interested, contact me here or on discord. Can reach me @ Strawn#7589


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Hi spots are still available if anyone’s interested :slight_smile:


Hello all we are looking for one player! If interested please pm me here or message me on discord @ Strawn#7589 thanks :slight_smile: