~~Solophobia~~ Rank 17: [1 spot] Come join this great family! 40k seals, 15+ LT's weekly! Bracket 3-5 GW


Full now. Thanks all!


We are looking for one fellow member to join us :slight_smile: contact me here or discord if interested!!


1 comfy spot! If interested let me know ASAP :slight_smile: Great top 16 guild, lots of good people, no stress :slight_smile:


Hiya! Two spots available here! If interested, shoot a pm here and or discord @ Strawn#7589


Bump! (Ten)


Hello! Spots still available if anyone’s interested :slight_smile:


minimum requirements?


Our minimums ^


This guy wants to join, add him and discuss it if you want :slight_smile:


Do they have discord ?


I was in this guild for a few weeks, and can vouch that they are a great group of people who enjoy helping one another and playing the game.


Thanks Door means a lot :slight_smile:


I’m in the guild right now and yes, they are an amazing group of people, we help each other a lot especially on the discord server. come and join us you wont regret it


Hello guys, one spot will be open. Available for Guild wars. We will need one! Come join the fun today!


A open spot will be availible THIS weekend, Grab it now while you can! If interested, add me on discord @ #strawn7589 or pm here!


Solophobia, Rank 15, Open spot available! 35+ LT’s weekly, 40k every week, MIN Lvl: 500. Min REQS: 300K 300T 1500S GW battles, Participation in events! DM Strawn on discord @ Strawn#7589 or on here!

Come join us! :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m level 1205. WIlling to give you guys a try. Let me know. Thx.


Hi All, we are still searching for one more player! If anyones interested. Just reach to me through pm or discord @Strawn#7589 :smiley:


Hello! We’re going to have an open spot for this coming Sunday! If anyone’s interested please let me know, contact me here or discord! Thanks :slight_smile:


^^^^ Bump :smiley: