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Shai'Tan's Chosen is looking to fill the last couple of spots - Rank 102, 751 level

We’re looking for up to three more members to round out our guild. With three more active members, we’ll be able to finish all tasks and get 40k seals every week…right now it’s hit or miss so we’ve cut the inactives and are looking for a few more active players. If you don’t have end game cards, it’s fine, you only need to be able to do at least 200k gold, 140 trophies, and at least 1k seals per week. Anyone interested please message me with your invite code.

Want to be like this

come join us!

2 spots left, plenty of time to get in before GW starts this week. We got several legendary tasks done this week and will get to 40k seals by the end of the day. This is a great guild for anyone who can contribute and wants a relaxed game experience, drop me a line if you’re interested.