Solophobia Full now :D

Hello all!

~ We are looking for players that can atleast hit the minimums of 300k 300t 1500s and atleast over level 100, preferred with kingdoms finished as well, and + any reqs is obviously welcome :smiley:
~ We do compete in GW and we ask to complete all matches. (Bracket 4)
~ We have many that do well over the reqs. and have many of overachievers!
~ We also complete 40k weekly, and all tasks are completed within the first day. We complete 40k from Wed-Thur.
~ We also complete over 10 Legendary tasks a week!

Come join the fun, we got plenty of food provided by yours truly Strawn, and plenty of treats and desserts, cookies and ice cream included!
Get your cozy spots now! Can PM me if interested :smiley:

  • Strawn o7

lv77 and i want to join your guild. play game 10hour each day. i try give our guild 50k gold, 2k-2k5 seals per week, my invite code is WDZZZZZ