Dreaded Legion Now Recruiting


Highly Active Guild now Recruiting Members

Must be Active and willing to contribute to the Guild everyday. Need Highly Motivated Individuals who can help. Seriousl Gamers Only!


I’ve changed your category to pc/mobile recruitment, good luck with recruiting for your guild :+1:t2:


Hi! I’m listening. What are your req’s? Where do you stand currently?


Get your 1500 seals and 100+ trophies. Right now on money we are telling everyone to give as much as the can, most are between 250k to 1 mill on money! We are new club and currently we are ranked 1300 but we have climbers 350 spots in a week and still climbing! We have 5 1000 players but most are 150 - 600


Lvl 566, 1500 seals, 187 trophies last week, give around 700 K gold.


What is your invite! We want you


You’re invited to my new group ‘Dreaded Legion’ on GroupMe. Click here to join: https://groupme.com/join_group/41055405/ynUCLz


This is our chat group! We will get your guild invite here so we can get you in asap


Interested! I’m 1500 seals every week steady, 180 trophies, and gave 250K this week. All kingdoms maxed so tasks are a must. Always participate in GW/Raids/Invasions. Invite is SQUADY_XOC9!!


Invite has been sent Squady


Coachv - Thanks for the invite! I just got an invite from a guild a few hours before you sent one. Thank you though!


Hopefully you’ll reconsider! We want you to join


We will take you guys in dreaded legion


Guild requirements

  1. 1000 Seals weekly
  2. 100+ trophies weekly
  3. 20% of your earnings go back to guild
  4. 1250 seals weekly
  5. 125+ trophies weekly
  6. 25% to the guild
  7. 1500 seals weekly
  8. 150+ trophies
  9. 30% or more to the guild
  10. Be on GroupMe Chat
  11. Fulfill Major requirements
  12. Approval from Colonels and General based on leadership ability!


We need quality team leaders! Come join very active league