Society X Guild Now Recruiting

My guild, Society X, is looking for new members to join us. We currently don’t have any set limits as to what you need/have to do each week to stay a member; we just ask that you are active and do what you can to help out.

We are currently ranked 2017 with 11/30 members. For the longest time I was the sole member of my guild until about a month ago when my friend joined and helped me to get four more members to join us. (One member is also my wife.)

We are a level 35 guild with 11/50 XP.

We are a platinum 1 guild so you will get a 60% daily bonus of gold each day if you join us. We currently have 2928 trophies as well.

As for our guardians, they are set as follows:

Red: LVL 21
Blue: LVL 17
Green: LVL 15
Yellow: LVL 17
Purple: LVL 14
Brown: LVL 18

Our current members are very active and we have gotten to the 5,000 guild seals chest every week for the past four out of five weeks now. One of our members also purchases guild seals quite frequently to help the guild out.

So if you are looking for a new guild to join; one that is hosted by an adult and is friendly without a lot of ‘requirements’, then Society X could be the place for you.

If you are interested, you can post your invite code in this topic or you could PM me directly on the PS4 with your invite code and I will send you an invite ASAP. Please don’t send me your invite code if you are already in another guild or you are not patient enough to give me enough time to invite you myself.

My PSN is haduke_2012 and I hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks for taking a look at this topic!


Alright brudda i am primarily a pc mobile player and that wont change but i do like to play on ps4 now n then i can make no promises toward contributions because i work 12-14 hours a day 5-6 days a week so i cant stay in a guild… If i can join i can maybe bring a player or two with me with same commitment level

If you find these terms agreeable lmk and ill get you my info

Any questions feel free to pm me

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Real life always comes first and every little bit helps. You and your friends are welcome to join.


Cool ill send you a playstation friend request when i get home thanks brudda

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HI HaDuke

Not sure if you are still recruiting but I am looking for a new guild as the one I was in before tended to never do anything.

I am a regular player (3/4 times a week) and would be willing to join. I am currently Lvl 57 or 58…cant remember exactly so please add me if your interested.

My invite code is KANGARRAN_4MSH

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Invite sent. I look forward to playing the game with you!

@HADuke did u send me one too? Im at work so i cant check til tonight

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Yeah. I sent one to as well Vangor. :slight_smile:

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Awesome thanks brudda

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We’re still recruiting. Up to seven members now, would had been eight but one member decided to leave our guild to rejoin their original guild. I’ll update the original post later today.

Still recruiting. Up to 9 members now.

Still recruiting - up to 11 members now.

We’re still recruiting. I haven’t updated the original post in a while, but plan to do so after the weekend. we are 24 trophies away from leveling up the guild again. All levels are welcome as long as you are somewhat active. We have no requirements to join, just that you try and contribute a little something each week. If we see that you have gone several weeks without contributing anything to the guild then you will likely be booted.


As of 4:45 PM EST on 02/23/17, this guild (Society X) has disbanded and merged within Winter Dragon. If you are a member of this guild, or if you would like to join Winter Wolf (A much better and higher ranking guild) please send your invite code(s) to RyuuHou24 via PSN!


Winter Dragon actually :slight_smile:

Whoops… I meant Winter Dragon, lol. I shall go back and fix that.